Tough Powerful Efficient



Model EF393T, S-PH
Drive type 4 Wheel Drive
Dimension Length [mm] 2,940
Width [mm] 1,430
Height [mm] 1,960
Weight [kg] 1,090
Engine Model name YANMAR 3TNV88
Type Vertical, 3 cylinder water
cooled diesel
Maximum Output [PS] 39.0
Displacement [cc] 1,642
Fuel Tank [lit] 38
Steering System Power Hydrostatic
Clutch Dry, single clutch
Brake System Mechanical, wet disc
Traveling Single lever reverse Equipped
No. of gear 8forward/8reverse
Forward speed [km/hr] 1.9-21.1
Reverse speed [km/hr] 1.8-20.5
Max speed 23.0
Power Take Off Type SAE1, 3/8inch (35mm)
Speed [rpm] Gear: 540
@2,590 engine rpm
Gear: 750
@2,510 engine rpm
Hydraulic arm control Position Control
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Implement Disc Plow
Model Y2230DPL
Disc Size 22
Quantity of Disc 3
Width [mm] 1000
Length [mm] 1850
Height [mm] 1070
Weight [kg] 180
Working Depth [mm] 150-200
Working Width [mm] 965
Work Speed [km/h] 3 to 8
Use Cultivation / Reverse
Implement Rotary Tiller
Model RH170P-PH
Transmission system (Gear Chamber) Type Multi-speed
Ratio Gear
Chain Chamber Side Chain
Width [mm] 845
Length [mm] 1875
Height [mm] 1030
Weight [kg] 300
Width of Area Work 1665
Type of Blade L & C Shape
Quantity of Blade Left 24
Right 24
Speed (Blade axle / PTO axle) [rpm] 237/540
Work Speed 2 to 5
Implement Front Blade
Model Y1800FBS
Width [mm] 490
Height [mm] 1600
Weight [kg] 230
Hydraulic Cylinder Dimension rod diameter [mm] 38
bore diameter [mm] 50
stroke [mm] 340
Work Speed 3 to 4


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