World first for
single-engine-single-shaft vessels
Compatible with natural gas
in any region

Comply with environmental regulations by using both diesel and gas fuels.

The use of natural gas is now attracting attention within the marine engine sector, both as a means of addressing fluctuating fuel costs, and as a way of reducing the burden on the environment. Basing on our reliable engines that will improve life cycle value for our customers, YANMAR have developed a dual fuel engine that can use both diesel and gas, which complies with IMO NOx Tier3 regulations as well as SOx Emission Control Area.

Outstanding performance thanks to YANMAR’s unique system.

Fuel supply mechanism

Safe System for use in single-engine-single-shaft vessels

YANMAR has developed a unique control system. Through multiplexing of devices, this system achieves safety and redundancy even with single-engine-single-shaft vessels, allowing you to navigate with peace of mind. Note: Vessel classification currently pending

Can operate with natural gas in any region

Through real-time analysis of cylinder internal pressure together with high-speed control, this system avoids abnormal combustion (knocking) even when running on natural gases with a low methane number. Offering superior combustion stability, this engine can operate with natural gas in any region and with no output restrictions.

Switch fuels even at 100% output

Freely select which fuel to use. The system makes it possible to switch from diesel mode to gas mode during navigation, with no output restrictions. Furthermore, during emergencies the system can shift safely and instantaneously from gas mode back to diesel mode.

Main specifications


Propulsion Engines

Engine Model 6EY26DF 8EY26DF 6EY35DF 8EY35DF
Method of ignition Micro-pilot fuel compression
No. of cylinders 6 8 6 8
Cylinder bore×stroke 260×385 350×440
Displacement (L) 122.6 163.5 254.0 338.7
Engine speed (min-1) 750
Output [ Shaft ] (kW) 1533 2044 3180 4240
Mean effective pressure (Mpa) 2.00
Fuel Natural gas / M.D.O Natural gas / M.D.O / [H.F.O]

Auxiliary Engines

Engine Model 6EY22ALDF 6EY26LDF 8EY26LDF 6EY35LDF 8EY35LDF
Method of ignition Micro-pilot fuel compression
No. of cylinders 6 6 8 6 8
Cylinder bore ×stroke 220×320 260×385 350×440
Displacement (L) 73.0 122.6 163.5 254.0 338.7
Engine speed
900 720/750
Output [Shaft] (kW) 1100 1470 1960 3060 4080
Mean effective pressure (Mpa) 2.01 1.92/2.00 1.65/2.01
Fuel Natural gas / M.D.O / [H.F.O]

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