Engineering a Better Society

Our brand statement, “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE,” encapsulates our goal of realizing a sustainable society where people coexist with nature.
Since our founding in 1912, we have spent over a century helping to resolve issues around the globe and bring about a brighter tomorrow.

Maximum Prosperity with Minimum Resources

The determination to create new value drives our activities in fields all over the world.
At the core of those activities is technology. “Realizing The Maximum Prosperity Using The Minimum Resources”: based on this conception of what technology should be, we offer solutions and services globally in response to diversifying customer challenges and needs.

What We Can Do
Over the Next 100 Years

In addition to pursuing a range of business activities, Yanmar is engaged in next-generation development activities and the fostering of cultural growth beyond the basic framework of our businesses both in Japan and abroad.
We seek to develop a healthy and robust society through a variety of experiences and exchange programs.

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