A Message from the President

Yanmar consistently pursues efficient energy use in the diverse domains of the land, the sea and the city, through its advanced technology.
In 2012, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its founding, Yanmar created its Mission Statement to define its role in society and continues to develop solutions in “Food Production” and “Harnessing Power”. Then in 2016, Yanmar established its new Brand Statement: “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE – New Value through Technology”, towards a more sustainable, resource recycling society.

Yanmar takes pride in its greatest asset: the power of its technology, born from the pioneering spirit inherited from the time of its foundation. Under the concept of realizing the “maximum prosperity using the minimum resources”, Yanmar will achieve a high level of Sustainability; “sustainable prosperity” and “a sustainable natural environment”. To this end, Yanmar will continue to drive the next 100 years of technology, in the areas of efficient recycling of energy and development of labor-saving equipment in a wide range of industries.

Yanmar delivers superior solutions to customers all around the world through a global manufacturing and sales network that suits the characteristics and needs of diverse markets.

Our field of business is the Earth itself. Yanmar will create new prosperity with its advanced technologies for the people of the world and the children of tomorrow.

Takehito Yamaoka
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Representative Director
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

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