SCR System

SCR system developed in-house by YANMAR to meet to IMO Tier 3 NOX regulations

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SCR system installation on
test bench

YANMAR has developed SCR system that meets to IMO Tier 3 regulations, which require an 80%, i.e. big reduction in NOX compared with Tier 1. Making use of our original technology and wealth of experience, we have created a system whose design and functionality are optimized for marine vessels, and which is perfectly matched for use with diesel engines, both in ECA and non-ECA waters. In addition, repeated verification tests have been conducted on ocean-going vessels ( equipped with SCR system for 3 auxiliary engines ) to further improve the system.

Highly Reliable and Exceptionally Durable - YANMAR’s Original SCR System

Maintaining highly NOX reduction performance whilst ensuring safety.

The by-pass branching section and catalytic reactor have been integrated into a single unit, achieving high-performance NOX reduction. Engines equipped with our SCR system is obtained NOX certification ( Scheme A ), whilst maintaining performance onboard. Additionally, a urea injection nozzle is installed downstream from the branching section, preventing ammonia from leaking into the by-pass line.

Automatic control for multiple engines.

Control unit integrates all devices including catalytic reactors mounted to each individual engine. A single pump unit and control panel can manage system for multiple engines, allowing the system to remain compact.

Automatic control for multiple engines
  • [A] Soot blower
  • [B] Urea injection nozzle
  • [C] Service air
  • [D] Separator
  • [E] System control panel
  • [F] Temperature and humidity sensor
  • [G] Urea water tank
  • [H] Control air
  • [I] Pump unit
  • [J] Nozzle unit
  • [K] Relief valve of boost air

Note: Specifications may differ according to vessel classification.

Long lifetime of catalyst

Long lifetime of catalyst

Catalyst degradation occurs due to the flow small amounts of exhaust gas into the catalyst line when the by-pass is in operation. The unit to prevent it includes 2 types of outlet.

After-service for both engine and SCR system

We offer comprehensive engine and SCR system support, including periodic NOX ( reduction rate ) measurements as stipulated by the vessel c lassification s ociety r ules a nd maintenance.

Upon request, we can also provide production equipment of urea water solution. ( optional )

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