Moving Hearts,
Moving Towards
the Future.
Moving Hearts,
Moving Towards the Future.





The Dependable, Inquisitive Explorer

Brimming with curiosity and knowledge, Yanboh excels at coming up with new ideas. Yanboh has a strong sense of exploration and is always eager to learn and discover new things. Yanboh strives to bring joy to everyone with exciting inventions.
Reading books, playing football
Right now, Yanboh can't stop thinking about innovative football strategies.
Favorite food
Yanboh loves rice and vegetables, and vegetable curry is the favorite.
To be an inventor
June 1



The Curious, Excitable Adventurer

Marboh is an adventurous spirit with an insatiable curiosity who is not afraid to take risks and try new things, even if it means making a few mistakes. Marboh loves to venture out into exciting places and is always on the lookout for new discoveries and experiences.
Operating machines, games
Right now, Marboh can't stop playing e-sports.
Favorite food
Marboh loves rice and fish, and sushi is the favorite.
To be an adventurer
June 1

The Future with Yanboh and Marboh

Yanboh and Marboh made their debut in the "Yanboh and Marboh Weather Forecast"
on Japanese television in 1959 and have been beloved anime characters
in Japan for over half a century.
The 9th generation of Yanboh and Marboh are characters that challenge
the possibilities of the future with everyone.

Just as Yanmar's founder's passion for technology was
once the driving force behind widespread adoption of diesel engines and
agricultural development, Yanmar now seeks to use the power of technology and
people shaping the future to create and develop innovations and
realize a new kind of prosperity.

The driving force behind Yanboh and Marboh, then and now, is curiosity.
Together with Yanboh and Marboh,
Yanmar will pass on the baton of potential towards a better tomorrow
by “Moving Hearts, Moving Towards the Future” for people of all ages,
nationalities, and regions.

Let's make excitement the driving force for the future.
Why not experience the excitement and challenge the possibilities of
the future together with Yanboh and Marboh?

You can decide on Yanboh and Marboh’s new design!


Yanboh Marboh Character
Design Renewal

  • Branding Direction:
    Design Division, Branding Division,
    Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • Planning: btrax Japan LLC
  • Creative Direction: Kouta Hikichi
  • Visual Direction/Character Design: YKBX


  • Planning: btrax Japan LLC
  • Creative Direction: Kouta Hikichi
  • Director/Character Design: YKBX
  • Sound Design: cubesato

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