• Business Areas In order to create a more sustainable society and richer lifestyles, we are active in a range of business areas.

Business Fields

From sprawling fields to the oceans and our global cities, Yanmar is active in every part of the planet earth that touches our lives.Yanmar maintains an unparalleled reputation for reliability and efficiency based on the strength of its technologies in these domains.
We provide innovative and diverse solutions creating new wealth and value for our customers and our community.


Transforming Agriculture
Into A Food Value Chain

Yanmar has supported core food production industries through the manufacturing and sales of agricultural equipment for many years. Now, we have further evolved from simple “agriculture” to the “food value chain” with the aim of realizing a society rich in the blessings of abundant good food. We continue to develop business across a wide range of food-related industries, from superior equipment to the efficient use of ICT, as well as agricultural management support and the provision of more valuable ingredients and even food experiences.


Sustainable Practices On Our Oceans

We have developed marine engine / propulsion systems that provide safe and comfortable navigation with unparalleled performance and dependability while maintaining harmony with the surrounding environment. Furthermore, we continue to develop and support aquaculture technologies and related marine equipment. Our goal is an ideal coexistence between humanity and the sea, from industries supporting the foundation of our modern lifestyle such as shipping and fisheries to pleasure boats.


Contributing to the Development of Infrastructure that Supports Comfortable Urban Living

As urban development progresses on a global scale, we offer a variety of machines essential to building urban infrastructure, including compact construction equipment ideal for small urban development. Additionally, Yanmar has developed an ultra-efficient gas heat pump (GHP) air conditioner that contributes to energy savings and cogeneration as well as energy management systems that optimally control electricity and heat in urban environments where various facilities and housing developments are concentrated. Furthermore, our company promotes the use of renewable energy, contributing to the next generation in urban comfort and energy-savings.


We create new value leading to a brighter future through a wide range of business with our ever-evolving technology at their core.

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