Notice of the start of SHIPSWEB new pricing plan

January 5, 2022
Yanmar Engineering Co., Ltd.

We hope you are doing well.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued use of Yanmar products and services.

SHIPSWEB will start offering a new pricing plan from April 01, 2022.
As a result, the previous pricing plan will be terminated. We will continue to aim for “services that connect anytime, anywhere”, and we appreciate your continued patronage.


SHIPSWEB Contact Fee
Light Course Standard Course
JPY 2,000 / 1 month 1 ship JPY 5,000 / 1 month 1 ship


SHIPSWEB Contact Fee
Forever and ever JPY 0 / 1 month 1 ship※1
There are some paid items
  • Customers who have already subscribed to SHIPSWEB automatically switch to the new plan.
  • ※1The main items that can be used for JPY 0 are as follows. (Almost the same as the standard course)
    1. My page 2. Engine Analysis 3. SCR Analysis 4. ChatBot 5. Parts Catalogue
    6. Parts wear predict 7. Service News 8. Technical Library 9. Recommendation
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