Capacity [horsepower(PS)] 82 PS
Weight 3040 kg

Combine Harvester YANMAR AW82V
High Speed and more efficient combine harvester, and ensuring abundant harvest even with the condition of fallen harvest rods.

Country of Sale

  • Indonesia


  • 500 hours or 6 month (whichever come first)

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  • Usages


    Yanmar AW82V combination harvesting machine, used for harvesting as well as threshing rice in paddy fields.

  • Performance

    High working capacity

    High working capacity on 1 day
    With a large fuel tank capacity (90 liters), as well as fuel consumption of 10.0 liters per hour (14.3 liters / ha), so the engine can work longer without having to stop for refueling. So the time to harvest is more efficient and the results get more.

    Grain Container Tank

    Large grain storage tank capacity
    With a capacity of 490 liters of grain, make auxiliary operators can continue to fill the sacks with harvested grain without having to stop the machine work.

    Ground Clearance

    Effective work in wetlands
    With a width of 500 mm and a length of 1700 mm, rubber crawler wheels only exert relatively little pressure on the ground, so the machine can easily work in wet / muddy ground.

    Clean Grain

    Clean Grain
    With a double threshing system, the combination between the front rotor and the threshing rotor is an exclusive design to be more advanced and accurate in operation and synchronization.

    Reaping Ability on low cut position

    Ability to cut low position
    Cutlery can be flexibly adjusted to easily take the collapsed rice. So that the resulting grain becomes more.

    Adjustable reel tine

    The adjustable finger roll (reel tine)
    Thanks to a remarkable adjustment, the roller finger (reel tine) is able to move down from -45 mm to -65 mm underground. Maximize to get rice that collapsed.

  • Engine

    Great power and fuel efficiency
    Equipped with a 4 cylinder turbo engine, with 3318 cc cylinder volume delivering large power (maximum 80.8 HP) and excellent combustion efficiency with direct on board system, less fuel consumption, excellent engine resistance and strong engine performance.


Models AW82V
Dimensions Length [mm] 5100
Width [mm] 2725
Heigth (with canopy) [mm] 2900
Weight [kg] 3040
Engine Model 4TNV98T
Type 4 Stroke, 4 Cylinder, Water cooled, Direct Injection
Displacement [cc] 3318
Max Power [ps(kW)/rpm] 80.8 (60.3)/2400
Fuel Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity [ltr] 90
Starting Sytem Electric starter
Transportion Rubber Clawler Length × Width [mm] 500 × 1700
Ground Preassure
Transmission HST (HydroStatic Transmission) with Hydrolic Clutch
Speed Level 3 Speed Level
Speed Low [m/sec] 0.45
Middle [m/sec] 1.55
High [m/sec] 1.91
Ground Clearance [mm] 328
Harvesting Cutting Width [mm] 2060
Cutting Height [mm] -50 -1180
Cutting Height Adjustment Hydrolic
Rooler Diameter × Width [mm] 880 × 1915
Threshing Threshing System Double Threshing System
(Front Rotor and Threshing Rotor)
Front Rotor Diameter × Length [mm] 400 × 520
Threshing Rotor Diameter × Length [mm] 635 × 1540
Concave Length × Width [mm] 1365 × 670
Grain Tank Grain Tank [pcs] 2
Grain Capacity [liter] 490
Electricity System Battery 12 Volt, Starter, lamp, Electric Alarm System
Harvesting Capacity (at Speed 5.00 km/h) [ha/hours ] 0.71