Capacity [horsepower(PS)] 14 PS
Weight 830 kg

Combine Harvester YANMAR YH150
High Speed and more efficient combine harvester, and ensuring abundant harvest even with the condition of fallen harvest rods.

Country of Sale

  • Indonesia


  • 500 hours or 6 month (whichever come first)

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  • Usages


    Yanmar YH150 combine harvester, used for harvesting as well as threshing rice in paddy fields.

  • Performance

    Swirl "V Type" thresher

    Swirl “V Type” thresher
    The level of power requirements in the lighter threshing process, especially when high cuts are low.

    HST Transmision (Hydrostatic Transmision)
    HST transmission makes the forward and backward speed moves done easily (without gear shifting).


    Durable concave
    Grain sieves are designed to be durable and easily removable, so durable and easy during cleaning and maintenance.

    High Capacity

    Clean grain, less lossess
    The design of grain separation straws with large capacity ~ 2000 kg / hour makes the net grain separation with grain losses less than 2%.

    Manuver YH150

    Easy maneuver on narrow land
    Although the weight of the unit is 830 kg, with a crawler tread width of 330 mm, the maneuvering time is deflected only with a radius of 1 – 1.2 m.

  • Engine


    Diesel engine certification
    Produced with Yanmar quality standards that have been verified and tested by the government appointed quality and production certification bodies.

    Electric Starter

    Electric Starter
    Easy turning on / off engine with key shutter.


Models YH150
Dimensions Length [mm] 3540
Width [mm] 1485
Height [mm] 1800
Weight [kg] 830
Engine Model TF 155 R-di
Type Horizontal Diesel Engine, 4 Stroke, 1 Cylinder, Water Cooled
Displacement [cc] 857
Power [kW(ps)/rpm] 10,8 (14,5) / 2400
Fuel Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 14.3
Starting System Electric Starter
Fuel Consumption [ltr/h] 1.6
Transportation Rubber Crawler Width x Length [mm] 330 x 1020
Outer Wheel Base [mm] 1070
Inner Wheel Base [mm] 410
Ground Preassure
Ground Clearance [mm] 330
Transmission and Manuever System HST (HydroStatic Transmission)
Walking Speed (Certain Engine Rotation) Forward [m/sec] 0 ~ 0.90
Reverse [m/sec] 0 ~ 0.70
Reaping Width Theoritical [mm] 1300
Type Reel x Feeder Hose
Reaping Height [mm] 125 - 720
Height Adjustment Hydrolic
Reel Diameter x Width [mm] 642 x 1075
Threshing Threshing System Threshing Rotor
Threshing Rotor Diameter x Height [mm] 345 x 905
Thershing Efficiency [%] 99.8
Grain Outlet [pcs] 1
Electrical System 12 Volt Battery, Starter
Harvesting Capacity [ha/hours] 0.2