Capacity [horsepower(PS)] 90 PS
Weight 3215 kg
Tractor Solis 90

Tractor SOLIS 90 ps – The toughest tractors for your field

Solis 90PS Tractor is equipped with 4150FLT engine with Turbo, possessing a capacity of 90 horsepower; 12-speed synchronous gearboxes, 12 reverse gear allows shift without stopping the machine. In addition, the design follows a strong, aggressive, spacious, comfortable operating space, double LED headlamps to help increase the brightness impressively.

  • New Solis 90PS

    Suitable for customers in working with tropical weather conditions, saving on heavy equipment investment costs but high work efficiency.

  • Turbo engine 90 ps

    The 4105FLT Turbo 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 90 horsepower, equipped with emission reduction system. Considered the heart of Solis 90PS with a capacity of 4,087 cc cylinder, the engine provides a maximum torque of 339Nm at 1,400 rpm, makes it easy to cultivate on a variety of terrains, and is compatible with many types of agriculture attachments.

  • Hydraulic system

    Solis 90PS is equipped with hydraulic extraction points and 3-point hook type II, integrated 2SA / 2DA type hydraulic circuit for lifting capacity up to 2,500kg (optional (maximum) up to 3,000kg).

  • Diversify farming conditions and attachments

    Designed to suit a variety of farming conditions and crops, Solis 90PS works well on dry fields for tilling sugarcane, corn, potatoes, cassava, etc. thanks to 90 ps turbo diesel engine. The powerful combination of powerful hydraulic system makes Solis 90PS to operate smoothly with specialized heavy attachments.

  • Power steering, synchronous gearbox

    Solis 90PS has a spacious operating space, for ease of operation.

    4-wheel drive simultaneous transmission with powerful dual clutch, continuous gear shift without stopping, reducing waiting time and increasing work efficiency.

  • Comfortable operation

    Operate all day in the fields with comfort and safety. The best for operators to increase motivation, increase productivity and saving time.

  • Big wheels, high ground clearance

    Front wheel size: 12.4 – 24 inches, rear wheels 18.4 – 30 inches, large wheel track distance 2,350mm, and overall length up to 4,330mm, with 405mm high ground clearance allows the machine to operate flexibly and strong in many heavy workload conditions requiring large agricultural attachments, especially on steep terrain or towing large-sized and heavy-sized attachments on fields.

  • Specification