Capacity [horsepower(PS)] 10 PS
Weight 348 - 360 kg

Rotary Tiller YZC series
More efficient with 3 speed levels forward, 1 speed level reverse
Transmission gear chain combinations, dual part system
The main clutch (street) compound dry disc, dog clutch steering clutch
Number of rotary blades 18 pcs
Horizontal Diesel – 4 stroke water cooled with direct injection

Country of Sale

  • Indonesia


  • 500 working hours or 6 month (whichever comes first)

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Dimension YZC YZC-L
Length [mm] 2150 2425
Width [mm] 855 855
Height [mm] 1230 1173
Weight (Frame) [kg] 177.7 188.9
Weight (Rotary) [kg] 68.6 69


  • Performance

    The use of hand tractors series YZC
    With 3 levels of speed and length selection handle 2 column. As well as with the many choices implement, YZC series very suitable for use in all fields.

    Various type of Cage Wheel
    Suitable for working in the dry and wet field

    Cage wheel type

  • Engine

    TF 105 ML-di

    Yanmar Engine TF Series
    Yanmar Engine TF Series are powerful, fuel effcient, and low vibration

    Models TF 105 ML-di
    Type Horizontal Diesel Engine 4 Stroke Water Cooled
    Output Maximum [hp/rpm] 10.5/2400
    Continuous [hp/rpm] 9.5/2400
    Displacement [cc] 583
    Combustion System Direct Injection
    Cooling System Radiator
    Starting System Manual
    Fuel Diesel
    Fuel Tank Capacity [ltr] 11
    Lubricating Oil Tank Capacity [ltr] 2.8
    Weight [kg] 102.1
    Vibration Absorbers Systems Dual Balancer Shaft (Dual Balancer Shaft)

    Direct Injection and toroidal shaped piston crown

    Direct Injection Combustion System
    Direct Injection combustion system with the toroidal shaped piston crown delivers spontaneous and bigger power with the fuel efficient system

    Dual balancer system and helical gear

    Noise and vibration reduction
    The noise and vibration reduction are achieved with the application of dual balancer system and the helical gear

  • Maintenance

    Lubricant oil check and refill hole

    Lubricant oil check and refill hole
    Lubricant Oil check and refill hole is placed in reachable and noticeable spot

    Lubricant indicator
    Oil indicator give noticeable warning when there is lubrication system failure

  • Attachment


Models YZC YZC - L
Dimension with Rubber Tire (Cage Wheel) Length [mm] 2150 2425
Width [mm] 855 (1390) 855 (1418)
Height [mm] 1230 (1330) 1173 (1238)
Weight (Frame) [kg] 177.7 (200.5) 188.9 (208.9)
Weight (Rotary) [kg] 68.6 69
Transmission System Gear Chain Combination Gear Chain Combination
Gear Case Type Dual Part System Dual Part System
Speed Level Forward 3: Reverse 1 Forward 3: Reverse 1
Clucth System Main Dry Multiple Disc Clutch Dry Multiple Disc Clutch
Steering Dog Clutch Dog Clutch
Brake System System Center Drive Center Drive
Plowing Width [mm] 660 660
Total Rotary Blade [pcs] 18 18