Capacity [horsepower(PS)] 39 PS
Weight 1090 kg

Strong, comfortable and fast
The ultimate tractor is strong, comfortable and fast at the same time. And giving you all this in the balance style is our goal when developing EF393T.

Country of Sale

  • Indonesia


  • 500 working hours or 6 month (whichever comes first)

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  • Usages

    Various kind of work

    Various kind of work
    Various kind of work can be don by EF 393 T because of its ability to drive various implements.

  • Performance

    16 speed stage , 8 Forward and 8 Reverse

    16 speed stage , 8 Forward and 8 Reverse
    Smart transmission system, with 8 speeds forward and 8 reverse speed, providing more options in the use of speed with optimal power levels, prevents errors speed levels can lead to difficulties to work and damage to homes transmission.
    Selection of a combination of primary and secondary Gear Transmission in an easily accessible position.

    Reverse speed moves

    Reverse and forward lever are in the one lever, changing direction can be perform faster

  • Comfort

    Power steering

    Inline lever arrangement

    Power steering
    Easy to drive without pounding for hydrostatic steering and sporty with 260mm sized steering wheel.
    Operator comfortable seating, adjustable and foldable.
    There is a drainage channel on the frame, a free space to put the legs, a strong stairs and handrails were great, making the tractor up and down easily without the need to climb into the tractor.
    There is a hydraulic valves under the seat easily opened and closed.

  • Engine

    TNV series engine

    TNV series engine
    With the system high pressure fuel pump types monoplunger, will optimize combustion and maximize the nozzles ability, so that the motor will run smoothly without excessive noise, and fuel can be burned perfectly without black smoke.

  • Safety

    Roll Over Protective System (ROPS)

    Roll Over Protective System (ROPS)
    Equipped with ROPS to increase the safety level of tractor operation

    Feel safer when driving away or working on the ground with a seat belt.


Models EF393T
Drive Type 4 Wheel Drive
Dimensions Length (with front weight 3 point hitch) [mm] 2850 (3170)
Width [mm] 1440
Height (with ROPS + canopy) [mm] 1365 (2110)
Weight (with front weight + ROPS + canopy) [kg] 940 (1090)
Distance with tires Front [mm] 1100
Rear [mm] 1020
Distance beetwen the wheel axle [mm] 1655
Ground Clearance [mm] 360
Engine Brand YANMAR
Model 3TNV88
Type Diesel engine 4 stroke water cooled, direct injection
Output Total [ps/rpm] 39/2800
PTO Output [ps/rpm] 32/2800
Cylinder 3
Displacement [cc] 1642
Bore × Stroke [mm] 88 × 90
Battery 12V - 75D26R
Fuel Tank Capacity [liter] 38
Brake Type Mechanical wet disc
Clucth Type Dry Single
Transmission System Main Constant mesh
Reverse Collar shift
Speed Level Front 8 × Reverse 8
Speed Forward [km/hours] 2.02 - 23.38
Reverse [km/hours] 2.02 - 20.5
Maximum Forward [km/hours] 23.38
Turning Radius Minimum (with Brake) [m] 2.4
PTO (Power Take Off) Type Driving Force Transmitting
PTO shaft SAE 1 3/8 inch (35mm), 6 splines
Rotation speed (2 level) [rpm] 540/750 at 2590/2510 rpm engine
Hydrolic System Hitch 3 point hitch
Category Category 1
Lifting Capacity At Point Hicth [kg] 975
610 mm from point hitch [kg] 750
Pump Capacity Main [liter/minute] 21
Drive System Hidrostatis Power Steering
Tire Size [Inch] Front Agricultural Type 8 - 16 (4 plies)
Rear 12.4 - 24 (6 plies)