Capacity [horsepower(PS)] 49 PS
Weight 1630 kg

Light weight,strong ,balance
EF494T tractor,lightweight and strong, and balanced between front and rear side creating maximum balance even when implement is attached

Country of Sale

  • Indonesia


  • 500 working hours or 6 month (whichever comes first)

Documents: Agriculture
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  • Usages

    Various kind of work
    Various kind of work can be done by EF494T because of its ability to drive various implements.

  • Performance

    18 speed stage , 9 Forward and 9 Reverse

    18 speed stage, 9 Forward and 9 Reverse
    With 18 speed stage, working speed will be increase and raise the working capacity


    Reverse and forward lever are in the one lever, changing direction can be perform faster

  • Operation

    Wet Type Disc Brake
    The disc brake is submerged into oil, help to release the heat to improve the disc durability

    Reverser lever
    Forwarding and reversing are shiftable just by one lever operation. This Mechanism display much more speed and efficient works.

    Hydrostatic power steering
    Hydrostatic power steering makes easier operation even in swamp field and/or rough field

  • Comfort

    Power steering
    Equipped with power steering for the comfort of the operator

    Inline lever arrangement

    Inline lever arrangement
    The lever arrangement in this tractor give the leverless lower deck. It will give the operator more feet space

  • Engine

    TNV series engine

    TNV series engine
    The newest TNV series engine with MP2 monoplunger fuel injection system that will increase combustion and fuel efficiency of the engine

  • Safety

    Roll Over Protective System (ROPS)

    Roll Over Protective System (ROPS)
    Equipped with ROPS to increase the safety level of tractor operation

  • Reliability

    Ergonomic design
    With deluxe seat, that is high backed with suspension, the operator will not feel any fatigue after many hours of operation

  • Maintenance

    Easy Maintenance
    With the right machine design, lets you perform maintenance yourself, so that you can have more time with family.


Models EF494T
Drive Type 4 Wheel Drive
Dimensions Length (with front weighted 3 point hitch) [mm] 3440
Width [mm] 1615
Height (with ROPS + roof) [mm] 2435
Weight (with front weighted + ROPS + roof) [kg] 1630
Tires Distance Front [mm] 1350
Rear [mm] 1265
Distance beetwen the axle [mm] 1835
Ground Clearance [mm] 375
Engine Brand YANMAR
Model 4TNV88 XKRY2
Type Diesel Engine 4 Stroke Water Cooled, Direct Injection
Output Total [ps/rpm] 49/2800
PTO Output [ps/rpm] 40/2800
Cylinder 4
Displacement [cc] 2190
Bore × Stroke [mm] 88 × 90
Battery 12V - 52AH
Fuel Tank Capacity [liter] 40
Brake Type Mechanical Wet Disc
Clutch Type Dry Single
Transmission System Main Constant mesh
Reverse Collar shift
Speed Level Forward 9 × Reverse 9
Speed Forward [km/hours] 1.94 - 28.8
Reverse [km/hours] 1.68 - 29.7
Forward Max [km/hours] 28.8
Turning Radius Minimum (with Brake) [m] 2.5 - 2.6
PTO (Power Take Off) Type Driving Force Transmitting
PTO shaft SAE 1 3/8 inch (35mm), 6 splines
Rotation speed (2 level) [rpm] 568 / 769
Hydrolic System Hitch 3 point hitch
Category Category 1
Lifting Capacity At Point Hicth [kg] 1350
610 mm after point hitch [kg] 1120
Pump Capacity Main [liter/minute] 33.4
Drive System Hidrostatis Power Steering
Tire Size [Inch] Front Agricultural Type 8 - 18 (6 plies)
Rear 13.6 - 26 (8 plies)