• Quality That's Built to Last: Drivetrain and core parts are made with high-durability casting for long-lasting strength.

Quality that's built to last

Engine, transmission and rotary are all designed by YANMAR

The powertrain of the engine at the heart of the tractor, the transmission and the rotary gearbox it drives, are made tough with highly durable casting. Because Yanmar designs these core components itself, they are built to work together for maximum power transfer. With no one component subject to excessive stress, durability is greatly increased.

Dedicated hydraulic clutch for PTO

The hydraulic clutch was chosen for its superior resistance to wear and high durability. It is also independent of the travel clutch and isolates it from stress or damage from farm work.

One-touch PTO button

Stop the PTO at the touch of a button to prevent damage to the PTO drive shaft when raising implements. There is no need to stop the tractor.