Hot Water Recovery Standard VRF GHP Outdoor Unit

The Yanmar ENCP850J- ( )H unit is an 85kW VRF GHP air conditioning unit that recovers heat from the gas engine in the unit to provide up to 30kW of hot water.

In addition to the benefits offered by other VRF GHP units, the hot water recovery GHP system also provides:

  • VRF air conditioning PLUS hot water output all year round
  • Greater financial savings by providing 'free' hot water
  • Greater levels of comfort with reduced energy usage

The hot water recovery GHP unit uses an additional heat exchanger to recover heat energy from the engine. By making a suitable connection to the unit it can provide hot water for showers etc.

Outdoor Unit Lineup

The Yanmar ENCP850J- ( )H unit is an 85kW VRF GHP air conditioning unit that recovers heat from the gas engine in the unit to provide up to 30kW of hot water.
When used in combination with the range of indoor units and controllers offered by Yanmar this unit offers a very powerful and efficient cooling and heating solution with the added benefit of hot water output (refer to model availability below).

ENCP850J-( )H

OD=outdoor ID=indoor

Model Hot water recovery type GHP
ENCP850J-( )H
OD unit VRF capacity1) Cooling / heating [kW] 85.0 / 95.0
Low / cold temperature heating [kW] 95.0 / 95.0
VRF ID unit connection capability data ID unit total capacity min / max [kW] 42.5 / 110.5
Max number of ID units 48
OD unit HWR rated output1) Capacity in VRF cooling / heating mode [kW] 30.0 / 10.0
Hot water output temperature [C] 70.0
Hot water output flow [L/min] 43.0
Electrical data Supply voltage (frequency) [V(Hz)] 230 {220/240} (50) single phase
Current for cooling / heating / {starting} [A] 7.93 / 7.21 / {25}
Power for cooling / heating [kW] 1.66 / 1.51
Fuel gas consumption2) HHV (Higher heating value)
Model availability3)
Natural gas for cooling / heating [KW] 67.7 . 66.3
LPG gas cooling / heating [kW] 66.0 / 64.8
Butane gas for cooling / heating [kW] 76.0 / 74.2
OD unit dimensions4) Width / depth / height [mm] 2100 / 800 / 2170
Weight OD unit weight at shipment [kg] 1110
Gas engine Engine type Yanmar gas engine
Specified engine lubricant Yanmar genuine GHP oil
Specified engine coolant Yanmar genuine GHP coolant
Sound pressure Normal mode / quiet mode [dB(A)] 62 / 59
Refrigerant data Factory charge quantity [kg] 11.8 (R410A refrigerant)
Pipe size data Refrigerant piping gas / liquid [mm] 31.8 / 19.1
Fuel gas pipe R 3/4
Exhaust vent (exhaust drain) [mm] 60.5 outer diameter (15.0 inner diameter)
Hot water recovery piping Rc1
Refrigerant piping Equivalent / real / total length max [mm] 200 / 170 / 640
Height differences ID unit above / below OD unit max [m] 50 / 50
Between indoor units [m] 15
OD unit colour Panel colour (Munsell number) Yanmar warm ivory (5Y7.5/1)


1) OD unit capacity measurement conditions
OD unit performance at given temperatures with standard OD and ID unit combination, 7.5m piping and 0m height difference.
Hot water flow rate is given at rated condition (flow rate 43 L/min, outlet temperature 70°C).

ID unit air inlet OD unit air inlet
Cooling / heating 27°C/ 20°C 19°C/ - 35°C / 7°C - / 6°C
Low / cold temperature heating 20°C/ 20°C 2°C / - 7°C 1/ -8°C

2) Gas consumption (Nm3/h) = Fuel consumption (kW) / HHV (kWh/Nm3)
Values given for HHV (higher heating value)

3) Restrictions on model availability by gas type for certain regions:

'Natural gas model' Europe (Group E), China (13T)
Propane gas model Not available for Europe, China
Butane gas model

4) OD unit dimensions excluding connectors and other protrusions.

For other regions model availability depends on local regulations.
Specifications maybe subject to change without notice.

Outdoor Unit Configuration and Major Dimensions

ENCP850J-( )H

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