Merits of GHP systems explained

Yanmar GHP outdoor units are driven by world class Yanmar gas engines to provide powerful cooling and heating solutions using gas. Being mainly driven by gas Yanmar GHP systems can provide a range of benefits over electrically driven systems as explained below:

GHP units use a gas engine to drive the heat pump compressors instead of an electric motor.

EHP: Electric heat pump

GHP: Gas-engine heat pump

1) Reduced electricity consumption

By using gas to drive the heat pump compressors, Yanmar GHP systems dramatically reduce the electricity consumed for air conditioning.

GHP reduces electrical power for air conditioning by about 90%.

2) Lower running costs

As a source of energy gas is typically cheaper than electricity, this coupled with their high efficiency means that GHP systems can often reduce the running costs of air conditioning systems.

GHP can reduce running costs using lower cost gas energy.

3) Reduced CO2 emissions

By using gas efficiently the CO2 emissions of GHP are low compared to typical electrically driven heat pumps.

GHP can reduce CO2 emissions by using cleaner gas energy and using energy efficiently.

4) Higher energy efficiency, lower emissions and reduced total power usage for building

By using gas directly at the building, GHP systems use primary energy much more efficiently than EHP systems. In the case of a typical EHP system a large part of the primary energy is lost during the generation and distribution of electrical power (in the typical case shown here only 40% of the original energy amount is supplied to the building). In the case of a GHP system a higher amount of the input energy can actually be used by the heat pump system, this reduces overall CO2 emissions and increases energy utilization efficiency.
In addition, by reducing the electricity used for air conditioning, GHP systems can greatly reduce the total power usage for the whole building. This can reduce the cost of power supply infrastructure for the building and in some cases eliminate the need for a three phase power supply.

5) Gas engine heat recovery for powerful heating or hot water generation

By recovering heat energy from the gas engine GHP systems use energy more efficiently to provide more powerful heating for the air conditioning system.

Heat energy recovered from the GHP unit gas engine heat provides powerful heating

This additional heat energy from the gas engine means that GHP systems can offer continuous operation without needing to defrost the outdoor unit heat exchangers, offer powerful heating even when outdoor air temperatures are low as well as providing fast heating start up.

For warmer climates this additional heat energy from the gas engine can be used to provide a 'free' source of hot water from the GHP unit

6) Reduced electricity cost for whole building

For buildings with EHP air conditioning systems the electrical power consumed by the air conditioning system can make up around half of the total power consumption for the whole building. This can push the electricity demand for the whole building into a higher cost electricity tariff zone. With GHP the electricity consumption can be greatly reduced which can keep the whole power supply for the building in a cheaper tariff zone which reduces the cost of power for the whole building.

GHP can reduce the cost of electricty for the whole building by keeping electricity demand in a lower cost tariff zone