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Creating more active and direct links between producers and consumers - Premium Marché

Premium Marché

Creating more active and direct links between producers and consumers

Yanmar created Premium Marché with two objectives in mind — enabling producers to make their particular specialties known to greater numbers of people, and enabling consumers to derive greater satisfaction from food.

Yanmar, which has a long and wide-ranging history in support of food production, has decided to pursue this new initiative of connecting both ends of the market by providing consumers with a variety of information on the specialties the producers offer.

In open-air markets, producers from around Japan introduce foods that producers have specialized in producing. Open-air markets are uniquely enjoyable in that they enable people to enjoy safe and delicious foods while communicating directly with the people who produce them.

Our Japanese-language website provides information linking producers and consumers. This includes articles highlighting the enthusiasm producers exhibit for their produce, background stories regarding these foods, and recipes from top chefs.

Supplying dinner tables with delicious foods produced with love. Making agriculture more vibrant and more profitable. Yanmar, as a contributor to new agriculture, will continue to enrich human life by supporting the foundation of food production worldwide.