Diversity and Inclusion

At Yanmar, we advocate a policy of diversity and inclusion. As a European entity and a subsidiary of an international group, Yanmar benefits from many talents and multiple skills from people of all backgrounds.

Diversity is not just a question of gender, age or origin. It includes all the facets of the individual that contribute to building an organisation: culture, religion, origin, professional experience, nationality, sexual orientation, opinion, personality, or any characteristic that makes each individual unique.

To take advantage of this beautiful diversity that makes up our large family, it is essential to develop an inclusive environment that allows each employee to be valued as a unique individual, so that everyone can contribute to the building of better team performance, as well as realise their individual potential.

By deciding to focus on diversity and inclusion, we want to develop a corporate culture that is not only capable of treating everyone equally, but also of hearing everyone's opinion. Each person must feel welcome and integrated into the organisation, be themselves on a daily basis and be able to share their ideas and opinions.

Our ambition is to promote more open dialogue and effective decision-making in order to foster sustainable growth.

How our policy is developed

Our policy is based on:

  • Promotion of the Quality of Life at Work, thanks to an action plan based on a comprehensive study conducted in 2019.
  • Fight against discrimination, integrated into the Human Resources process.
  • Promotion of gender equality*, integrated into the Recruitment Policy.
  • Developing training and internal mobility.
  • Flexibility at work for a better work-life balance, with the development of part-time work, teleworking and flexible hours.
  • Promoting the employment of people with disabilities through various partnerships.
  • Staff training to understand different cultural frameworks.
  • Awareness of the group's values, with a dedicated team at global level, intermediaries in each subsidiary and supportive actions carried out regularly.
  • Exchanges between different sites in Europe and in the world, to develop the creation of links by integrating different cultures.
  • The organisation of events throughout the year, inside and outside the company, to promote cohesion, motivation and a sense of belonging.
  • Providing incentives for all employees to take the initiative through various processes completely integrated into the life of the company (suggestion box, Kaizen campaigns and so on).