Integration Process

Yanmar offers new employees a detailed induction process that allows you to get to know the company, its processes, and your various contacts very quickly. On your arrival, the Human Resources team helps you get started with a tailored "integration passport". This personalised roadmap will guide you through the different stages of your integration process: presentation of the group and the company, operating and safety rules, visits to the factory and different sites. Meetings with different managers who will present their fields of business and specifications of the departments to you will give you an even better understanding of the full picture. The company also organises an integration seminar with all new employees from EMEA sites.


“The first impressions of a new company and the induction that follows is always an important step. You have to quickly adapt to new colleagues, processes and guidelines in an unfamiliar structure. At Yanmar, I was able to quickly be comfortable with my new environment thanks to a complete integration process which allowed me to discover the factory, production process, and all support functions. I was welcomed in all departments by the respective manager. I was able to get to know the teams and understand the overall functioning of the company.”

“My integration passport guided me through the various steps of my onboarding. In this document, I was also able to write down all my comments and questions, which I was able to present during the end-of-course meeting. Looking back, I can say that the process of integrating new hires is a real strength at Yanmar!”

Christophe BARTHAUX, Supplier Development Officer