• Buckets

    Factory-fit solutions to maximise versatility

Adapted applications

  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Landscaping
  • Agriculture

Our comprehensive range of bucket attachments can handle just about every environment, application or material with ease. Each model is designed to work seamlessly with our wheel loader portfolio and offers the highest levels of durability, power and performance.

Buckets are available with teeth edge or bolt-on cutting edges, offering excellent tilt back and dumping angles for both loading and dumping.

Buckets for wheel loaders

Earth buckets

Designed to deliver in even the toughest environments, our extra-durable earth bucket comes in a choice of capacities – perfect for handling earth and other materials.

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Loading buckets

Our rugged loading buckets come in a choice of capacities and are capable of handling and loading a wide variety of materials.

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Multi-Purpose buckets

Whether loading, grappling, levelling or dozing, our versatile multi-purpose buckets are available in a choice of capacities.

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Quarry buckets

Hard steel and a reinforced design make our quarry buckets the perfect attachment for handling heavy and rugged materials.

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High tip buckets

Designed for loading onto trucks with high walls, our high tip buckets allow for an elevated dumping height – perfect for agricultural and construction use.

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Side dump buckets

Hydraulic cylinders and a robust design make our side dump buckets the best choice for filling in trenches on construction sites.

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Light material buckets

Made for handling lighter loads, the lightweight design and high capacity of our light material buckets deliver significant time and cost savings.

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Super light material buckets

Our super light material buckets deliver the highest capacity of all and therefore the fastest operation.

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