Weight 670 - 765 kg
Payload 800 kg
Width 810 - 835 mm
  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering

Work with skips on site? You’ll love the unloading height of the compact C08 Hi-Tip and Hi-Tip+ tracked dumpers. With a tipping height of 1,500 mm, they’re perfect for unloading into skips and passing items over garden fences and onto raised work areas. The Hi-Tip is tough, too, with oscillating rollers that ride the rough ground with ease and keep your generous payload of 800kg stable. The C08 is as comfortable removing materials from waste sites as it is transporting them.

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Specifications C08-A Hi Tip C08-A Hi Tip +
Weight Transport weight - -
Operating Weight 570 / 765 kg 570 / 765 kg
Payload 800 kg 800 kg
Engine Type LV 100 LV 100
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Net Power 8.7 HP 8.7 HP
Displacement 0.435 l 0.435 l
Max Torque 24.3 N.m / 3100 rpm 24.3 N.m / 3100 rpm
Cooling Air cooling Air cooling
Starter 12 V - 0.8kW 12 V - 0.8kW
Battery 12 V - 55 Ah 12 V - 55 Ah
Alternator 12 V - 15 A 12 V - 15 A
Transmission Type Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Hydraulic pump 2 pumps with variable flow for the translation / 1 pump with fix flow for the equipment 2 pumps with variable flow for the translation / 1 pump with fix flow for the equipment
Max pressure 150 bar 150 bar
Performance Max. traveling speed (low/high) 4 km/h 4 km/h
Gradability 20° 20°
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) 101 dBA 101 dBA
Dumping system Dumping angle 72° 72°
Vessel dimensions (L x w x h) 1115 x 779 x 478 1115 x 633 x 381
Dumping mechanism 1 side (rear) high tip 1 side (rear) high tip self loading
Dumping vessel capacity (struck / heaped) 0,28 m³ / 0,36 m³ 0,28 m³ / 0,36 m³
Dump clearance 1350 mm 1350 mm
Undercarriage Track width 180 mm 180 mm
Ground clearance 115 mm 115 mm
Number of top rollers 3 3
Track tensioning system Adjusting bolt Adjusting bolt
Ground pressure (unloaded / loaded) 0.24 / 0.52 kg/cm² 0.27 / 0.56 kg/cm²
Capacities Hydraulic tank 13 l 13 l
Hydraulic circuit 14 l 14 l
Fuel tank 10 l 10 l





Yanmar’s compact machinery packs a punch. The C08 Hi-Tip fits that bill perfectly. It’s a tracked dumper that’s perfect for negotiating confined spaces such as gardens, narrow paths and doorways (for indoor renovations). Alongside the 810 mm width for the standard version and 835 mm for the self-loader, there’s a smart turning circle as well, for maximum manoeuvrability in tight spaces. And with a length of just 1,930 mm or 2,595 mm (with self-loader), you can transport it easily to the next job.


The C08 Hi-Tip tracked dumper is a tough customer in demolition, renovation, agriculture and landscaping. Despite its robust build quality, we’ve ensured that the rubber crawlers won’t damage asphalt, while also offering excellent grip on soft ground. With a solid, track-mounted lower chassis, it can climb steps and cope with the worst of the winter, so you stay productive all year round. And oscillating track rollers with pendular supports ride rough ground without dislodging your load.


Ever been annoyed with low-tipping dumpers that make skip work impossible? The Hi-Tip models unload up to 1,500 mm. That means they’ll unload into most skips, and pass material over fences and garden walls and onto raised work areas. They’re efficient on all terrains and come in two different versions: HI-TIP and HI-TIP+, which is fitted with a self-loader. Being a Yanmar, they’re compact, too, yet the HI-TIP has a vessel capacity of 0.36 m3 heaped, while the HI-TIP+ holds 0.34 m3 heaped. Front-dumping is steep, so you dump safely in one step. Remove and transport materials and waste from worksites efficiently.


User experience is big with the C08 Hi-Tip tracked dumper. Your comfort is at the heart of the experience: mount the dumper from the back, then enjoy a quick and easy start in even the worst weather conditions. You’ll then enjoy using the precise and intuitive control levers. And a comfortable ride is ensured thanks to the hydrostatic transmission system that minimises vibration. So you go home relaxed, with energy to spare.


Yanmar diesel engines benefit from a simple structure and compact size, so they’re reliable enough to supply rugged power for many applications. We ensure operator comfort with minimal vibrations and an excellent hydrostatic transmission system with variable-flow injection pumps. The result is both speed and power. And we’ve separated the hydraulic systems of the skip and the self-loader, so you can use both of them while on the move.


Daily maintenance checks on your tracked dumper will save you money in the long run, so we’ve made them easy. The main engine components and the water, engine oil and filter points are easily accessible through the large engine-hood opening. There’s also an extremely user-friendly and intuitive dashboard, getting you up to speed quickly, so you maximise worksite efficiency and safety.


  • External hydraulic connexion – 1 output
  • Special paint