Weight 570 - 765 kg
Payload 800 kg
Width 810 - 835 mm
  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering

The impressive compactness of the Yanmar C08 POWER tracked dumper means it’s ideal for confined spaces such as gardens or working with skips, and even for indoor jobs. It’s also got a tiny turning circle, so it’s totally manoeuvrable. Yet the C08 packs impressive power too. Its oscillating rollers allow it to take on rough terrain with a stable load of up to 800 kg.

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Specifications C08-A Power C08-A Power +
Weight Transport weight - -
Operating Weight 570 / 765 kg 570 / 765 kg
Payload 800 kg 800 kg
Engine Type LV 100 LV 100
Fuel Diesel Diesel
Net Power 8.7 HP 8.7 HP
Displacement 0.435 l 0.435 l
Max Torque 24.3 N.m / 3100 rpm 24.3 N.m / 3100 rpm
Cooling Air cooling Air cooling
Starter 12 V - 0.8kW 12 V - 0.8kW
Battery 12 V - 55 Ah 12 V - 55 Ah
Alternator 12 V - 15 A 12 V - 15 A
Transmission Type Hydrostatic Hydrostatic
Hydraulic pump 2 pumps with variable flow for the translation / 1 pump with fix flow for the equipment 2 pumps with variable flow for the translation / 1 pump with fix flow for the equipment
Max pressure 150 bar 150 bar
Performance Max. traveling speed (low/high) 4 km/h 4 km/h
Gradability 20° 20°
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) 101 dBA 101 dBA
Dumping system Dumping angle 62° 62°
Vessel dimensions (L x w x h) 1115 x 779 x 478 1115 x 633 x 381
Dumping mechanism 1 side (rear) 1 side (rear) self loading
Dumping vessel capacity (struck / heaped) 0,34 m³ / 0,45 m³ 0,28 m³ / 0,36 m³
Dump clearance 230 mm 230 mm
Undercarriage Track width 180 mm 180 mm
Ground clearance 115 mm 115 mm
Number of top rollers 3 3
Track tensioning system Adjusting bolt Adjusting bolt
Ground pressure (unloaded / loaded) 0.20 / 0.48 kg/cm² 0.23 / 0.52 kg/cm²
Capacities Hydraulic tank 13 l 13 l
Hydraulic circuit 14 l 14 l
Fuel tank 10 l 10 l


C08 Power



Continuing Yanmar’s legendary reputation for compactness, the C08 POWER can go wherever your operators can – even indoors. Just 810 mm wide in standard form and 835 mm with the self-loader, the C08 dumper is perfect for garden work, landscaping, working with skips and getting through narrow doorways to tackle indoor tasks. Dump up to 1,500 mm of debris, recyclables or construction materials. Then move from job to job easily as it’s just 1,930 mm long (without self-loader) or 2,595 mm (with self-loader).


The Yanmar C08 dumper comes with a robust track-mounted chassis that allows it to tackle all kinds of terrain with ease. It’ll climb steps, ride loose ground and allow construction to continue even in the snow. The C08 won’t damage asphalt, thanks to its rubber crawlers, which also offer excellent grip on soft ground. Oscillating track rollers with pendular supports on the undercarriage allow you to ride rough ground without dislodging the load in the skip.


For a very compact machine, the C08 offers high vessel capacity. It dumps from the front with a generous angle, so you dump in one step, for operator safety. The machine offers efficiency on all terrains and comes in two different versions, POWER and POWER+, which is fitted with a self-loader. The POWER has a vessel capacity of 0.36 m3 heaped, while the POWER+ offers 0.34 m3 heaped. And with a payload of 800 kg, it’s perfect for garden work, landscaping, removing building materials and waste, and for shifting materials around.


On the C08, everything’s built around you. Choose which side you mount from, then enjoy simplified operation. That begins with a quick and easy start, even in snow and ice. You’ll then enjoy using the precise and intuitive control levers for maximum comfort. And on the job? The C08 moves beautifully, thanks to the hydrostatic transmission system that minimises vibration. So you end the day feeling just as fresh as when you started out.


Impressive power and speed from the excellent hydrostatic transmission system with variable-flow injection pumps make light work of any job. Meanwhile, the Yanmar 10 hp diesel engine minimises vibrations to make your working day a pleasure. And we’ve kept the hydraulic systems of the skip and the self-loader separate. That means you can use them both while on the move.


Maintenance couldn’t be more convenient. You can carry out daily checks because access to the maintenance points is easy. You’ll want to check the water, oil and filters every day, so there’s a large engine-hood opening that gives you clutter-free access to the main engine components and to those control points. Finally, we’ve built in an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard that you’ll master quickly, so you’ll stay safe on site.


  • External hydraulic connexion – 1 output
  • Special paint