Weight 1100 kg
Payload 1150 kg
Width 960 mm
  • Landscaping
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering

Continuing Yanmar’s line of world-class compact worksite machines, the C12R-C tracked carrier punches way above its weight, with a load capacity of 990 kg. That’s in a machine that’s just 960 mm wide and 2,650 mm long. That means you need fewer round trips to complete your job. It’s got a turning circle of just 2,650 mm, too, so you can use it anywhere, and it even climbs 30° slopes. You can expect to develop a reputation for efficiency.

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Specifications C12R-C
Weight Transport weight 1025 kg
Operating Weight 1100 kg
Payload 1150 kg
Engine Type 402J-05 IG84557R
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 7.5 kw / 10.2 HP / 2800 rpm
Displacement 0.507 l
Max Torque 30.8 N.m. / 2200 rpm
Cooling Water cooling
Starter 12 V - 1.2kW
Battery 12 V - 36 Ah
Alternator 12 V - 14 A
Transmission Type Hydrostatic & Reduction Gear
Hydraulic pump Gear pump for dump
Max pressure 11.5 l/min x 160 bar
Performance Max. traveling speed (low/high) 5.5 km/h
Gradability 30°
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) Lwag = 99 dBA ; Lpag = 84 dBA
Dumping system Dumping angle 56° / 58°
Vessel dimensions (L x w x h) 1470 x 860 x 315 mm
Dumping mechanism 3 sides
Dumping vessel capacity (struck / heaped) 0.4 / 0.52 m³
Dump clearance 325 mm
Undercarriage Track width 230 mm
Ground clearance 150 mm
Number of top rollers 5
Track tensioning system Adjusting bolt
Ground pressure (unloaded / loaded) 0.20 / 0.41 kg/cm²
Capacities Hydraulic tank 14 l
Hydraulic circuit 16.5 l
Fuel tank 14.5 l




These are the heavy-duty machines with the flexibility of garden tools. Despite its large carrying capacity of 990 kg, the Yanmar C12R-C comes with a total width of 960 mm so that it can fit through standard openings of 1,000 mm. We’ve also ensured great manoeuvrability, with a length of just 2,650 mm and a small turning circle of 1,810 mm. The C12R-C is also extremely stable, thanks to its low centre of gravity and ability to cope with slopes of 30 degrees.


Improve your efficiency with fewer round trips when dumping waste and materials. Working in the tightest spaces, the ultra-compact C12R-C comes with high vessel capacity of 0.52 m3 heaped. It’ll tip three ways, too, so you can dump alongside a trench and use less space. You simply remove a pin (without tools) to change the position of the side opening. Finally, there’s a steep dumping angle of 58° on sides and 56° for the rear for a safe, fast single discharge.


If you work in soft and swampy areas, you’ll enjoy the lower ground pressure of the rubber crawlers and excellent weight distribution. The crawlers don’t damage asphalt and provide great grip on soft ground, so the C12R-C is a great alternative to wheeled loaders. And track rollers with pendular supports on the undercarriage offer a smooth ride over different ground levels. So you protect your body and arrive home feeling sharp.


The C12R-C is a joy to manoeuvre, thanks to quick and safe reversible travel direction and an easily accessible transmission lever. Change direction with one of two levers that precisely and safely alter the crawler rotation. And select your pace with the speed select lever: choose high speed for flat and regular ground or low speed for tough terrain such as swamps or mud or on heavy slopes of up to 30° where you need more traction.


At Yanmar, we never forget our machines are operated by people. So we build-in safety naturally. Features include a safety bar on the top of the vessel for operator work on heavy slopes, a safety belt and wet multiple disk brakes for reliability and durability. An alarm for reverse travel keeps your site colleagues safe and a safety system on the dumping lever locks the vessel during travel.


We protect your investment by making our machines durable enough to last years. The C12R-C works under extreme conditions, with a floor-plate thickness of 4.5 mm, gate-post thickness of 3.2 mm and robust gate levers. We also minimise wear while ensuring a quiet ride with rubber crawlers that come with small metal inserts with a short pitch. While the crawlers are designed to last longer, they’re elastic enough to take paved roads in their stride and adjust easily with a simple bolt.


You can also protect your investment with daily maintenance checks. With that in mind, we’ve made it easy to check your main engine components and water, oil and filter points. Simply lift the large engine-hood opening and everything is logical and easy to maintain. A user-friendly and intuitive dashboard gets you up-and-running quickly too, so you’re efficient and safe on site.


  • Trackunit ME501 with GPS anti-theft device
  • Special paint