Weight 2650 kg
Payload 2500 kg
Width 1550 mm
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Landscaping

The C30R-3 packs a serious punch for a compact tracked carrier. This three-sided dropdown machine offers a payload of 2,500 kg in a width of just 1,550 mm, which allows you to work in even the most-confined job sites. Mudguards protect material from affecting the hydraulic components and a joystick offers precise control.

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Specifications C30R-3
Weight Transport weight 2575 kg
Operating Weight 2650 kg
Payload 2500 kg
Engine Type 4TNV88C
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 32,5 kW (at 2800 rpm)
Displacement 2,189 l
Max Torque 134,5 / 146,2 Nm at 1820 rpm
Cooling Water cooling
Starter 12 V – 1.7 kW
Battery 12 V – 72 Ah
Alternator 12 V – 55 A
Transmission Type HST
Hydraulic pump 2 piston pumps with variable flow
Max pressure 350 bar
Performance Max. traveling speed (low/high) 5.7 / 11 km/h
Gradability 30°
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) Lwag = 98 dBA ; Lpag = 86 dBA
Dumping system Dumping angle 58°
Vessel dimensions (L x w x h) 1685 x 1410 x 370 mm
Dumping mechanism 3 sides
Dumping vessel capacity (struck / heaped) 0.88 / 1.24 m³
Dump clearance 455 mm
Undercarriage Track width 320 mm
Ground clearance 265 mm
Number of top rollers 6
Track tensioning system Hydraulic adjuster
Ground pressure (unloaded / loaded) 0.27 / 0.53 kg/cm²
Capacities Hydraulic tank 28 l
Hydraulic circuit 38 l
Fuel tank 58 l




The C30R-3 isn’t just compact – it’s versatile. It can spin-turn 360°, so it’s perfect for even the tightest of job sites. But how compact is it? The C30R-3 is just 1.5 metres wide and 3.28 metres long. These features make the machine ultra-efficient, while driving up your productivity. Despite these small dimensions, our carrier offers a payload of 2,500 kg, so you get more done, faster.


Choose which side you want to dump from: rear or sides. This means you can safely dump into trenches without using much space. There’s a remarkable dumping angle of 58°, so first-time safe dumping speeds up your site work. Ground clearance of 455 mm also ensures fast dumping. A mudguard prevents material from falling from the wagon and damaging hydraulic components or getting into the operator area.


A unique, robust undercarriage ensures a smooth ride while extending its service life and protecting your investment. Track rollers in pairs absorb obstacles and make for an impressive all-terrain carrier. We’ve further improved traction force and stability by increasing the diameter of the sprocket and the length of the tracks. Mass is distributed through 24 rollers, preserving the tracks and giving the machine excellent ground pressure so it can work in the boggiest of conditions.


Stalling can add time to your jobs and create stress. But we’ve built a unique anti-stalling feature on the C30R-3 into the hydrostatic transmission system. Smart automatic hydraulic pressure adjustments allow the machine to turn 360° smoothly without stalling the engine. When it’s empty, it can do that in under 10 seconds (18 when full). That all adds up to better manoeuvrability, more-comfortable driving and increased productivity.


The C30R-3’s engine is the result of our drive to continually improve the environment and cut fuel costs. We’ve radically cut nitrogen oxides through exhaust gas recirculation and cleaned up exhaust emissions with a diesel particulate filter. We’ve also reduced fuel consumption with an auto-deceleration system that switches the engine back to idle if you don’t touch the operating levers for four seconds. And an eco-mode controls the engine speed to allow very low fuel consumption.


This is a user-centred design that uses a proportional control system to move the machine only as far as the joystick lever is pushed. Let go and it stops. Control your speed by moving the left joystick and control operation with the right joystick. Switch between low-speed and high-speed easily with the automatic dual-speed switch, select forward, reverse, right and left travel. Use the lock switch to prevent accidental operation and make fine speed adjustments with the second accelerator.


If you can always see where you’re going, your safety improves dramatically. That’s why we fitted an operator’s seat and travel levers that allow you to turn 180°, so you’re always facing forwards. This also increases your visibility and reduces the risk of costly on-site damage.


  • Beacon light with magnetic base
  • Special paint