Weight 6015 kg
Payload 3800 kg
Width 2200 mm
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Landscaping

The C50R-5A tracked dumper continues Yanmar’s tradition of building compact tracked carriers that make life easy for operators on job sites. The C50R-5A will transport an impressive 3800 kg of waste or materials in a turn-friendly length of just 4.54 metres and will even spin-turn 360° in just seven seconds, for great manoeuvrability and productivity. A remarkable dumping angle of 65° makes it fast, slick and safe.

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Specifications C50R-5A
Weight Transport weight 5940 kg
Operating Weight 6015 kg
Payload 3800 kg
Engine Type 4TNV94FHT
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 83,2 kW (at 2500 rpm)
Displacement 3,053 l
Max Torque 378-410 N.m (at 1700 rpm)
Cooling Water cooling
Starter 12 V - 3.0 kW
Battery 12 V – 72 Ah
Alternator 12 V - 80 A
Transmission Type HST
Hydraulic pump Variable displacement pump
Max pressure P1: 69.5 l/min x 28 bar; P2: 34.3 l/min x 206 bar; P3: 12.8 l/min x 49 bar
Performance Max. traveling speed (low/high) 7,0 km/h
Gradability 20°
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) 102 dBA
Dumping system Dumping angle 65 °
Vessel dimensions (L x w x h) 2500 x 1844 x 294 mm
Dumping mechanism 1 side (rear)
Dumping vessel capacity (struck / heaped) 1,4 / 2,3 m³
Dump clearance 658 mm
Undercarriage Track width 450 mm
Ground clearance 433,5 mm
Number of top rollers 8
Track tensioning system Hydraulic auto-tensioning system
Ground pressure (unloaded / loaded) 19,8 / 33 kPa
Capacities Hydraulic tank 44 l
Hydraulic circuit 75 l
Fuel tank 121,1 l





You’ll get the job done faster on job sites with a loading capacity of 3,800 kg and the ability to spin-turn 360° in just seven seconds. These features, plus a width of just 2.2 metres, add up to supreme manoeuvrability, increased machine efficiency and greater productivity for your business. And with a length of only 4.54 m, the C50R-5A is easily transported to your next job.


The C50R-5A is a three-side vessel type where the load is dumped to the rear. It does this slickly, thanks to an incredible dumping angle of 65° and ground clearance of 658 mm that’ll speed up your site work even more. Finally, a mudguard stops material from falling out and damaging hydraulic components or getting into the operator area.


When working on small sites, you need manoeuvrability above all else. You also need to rely on your machine not to stall when making turns. The C50R-5A offers both. Automatic hydraulic pressure adjustments allow the C50R-5A to turn 360° smoothly in just seven seconds and with an anti-stall feature. As well as being able to execute tight turns, you’ll enjoy greater driving comfort and better productivity. We’ve even added our latest engine, enabling you to blast through even the toughest of conditions.


We want you to feel confident that your investment is protected. That’s why we’ve developed a unique undercarriage that copes with even the toughest of terrain while protecting its service life. We’ve improved traction force and stability by increasing the diameter of the sprocket and track length, while track rollers simply eat up obstacles. To help you operate even in snow and mud, 24 rollers preserve the tracks by distributing mass and exerting excellent ground pressure.


The C50R-5A benefits from a class-leading diesel engine. Direct injection creates clean-burning power and control is fully electronic, for intelligent engine operation. A common-rail system allows fine-tuned electronic control of fuel injection and a large tank holding over 121 litres reduces refuelling downtime. Exhaust gas recirculation reduces nitrogen oxides (NOx), a diesel particulate filter cleans up exhaust emissions and selective catalytic reduction purifies gas and reduces NOx. The auto-idle function helps you save on fuel.


Always facing the direction of travel is good, not only for operator comfort and visibility, but because it’s also recommended for safety and for minimising on-site damage. You can do this with the C50R-5A thanks to its reversible seat console – the operator seat and travel levers can turn 180°. Ultimately, this will increase your productivity, especially as the travel levers are servo-assisted and need minimal effort. They’re long too, giving you high precision and reducing fatigue.


Comfort equals productivity. It also means happy employees. That’s why we’ve lavished plenty of attention on the operator station, with a modern look and feel on the latest C50R-5A. You’ll enjoy the extra space we’ve found, the suspension seat and the gas cylinder that operates the front-windshield linkage for easy opening and closing. On top of that, we’ve redesigned the instrument panel, with switches regrouped close to the LED screen for better operator visibility and safer, more intuitive operation.


A new digital interface puts you firmly in control. Electronic instrumentation and a large LCD monitor allow you to check essential information about machine status, errors and warnings. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be notified through warning icons. You’ll also be automatically informed of DPF maintenance.


Health and safety is behind everything we do. So we’ve designed the cabin to meet roll-over protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS) level 1 certification. What else have we done?

  • The rear of the cabin has a protective grid.
  • You can reach all maintenance items from ground level.
  • There’s safe access to the engine compartment with safety treads and rails.
  • Undercarriage protection helps ensure long life.
  • Intelligent hose routing means less downtime.


  • Beacon light with magnetic base
  • Radio
  • Special paint