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Food supply has become a global issue due to recent increases in population and energy demands. We face the challenge of securing sustainable energy sources and ensuring an efficient food supply, whilst protecting against global warming.
The key to solving these issues is energy diversification, as well as the more effective use of energy. In addition, we must also develop fisheries using biotechnology.
In order to explore the advanced technologies required for the next generation, we at Yanmar are hard at work on research and development focusing on the future.

Research & Development Center

In February 2000, the Yanmar Group opened our Central Research Institute in the beautiful environment of Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, as our core center for research and development.
During construction, there was an emphasis on harmony with the environment and a desire to create an emission-less structure that incorporated a philosophy of recycling. The center was fitted out with advanced research equipment that utilizes the latest in Information Technology.
At the Central Research Institute, we are conducting research concerning various aspects of energy and its applications.

Facility Location
2481 Umegahara, Maibara City, Shiga,
521-8511 Japan

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Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center

The Yanmar Kota Kinabalu R&D Center in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia is a new hub for biomass research in Asia, conducting research in cooperation with the Research & Development Center (in Japan, Shiga) on the application of new energy sources, including biomass.
As resource depletion and environmental management become more and more pressing issues, Yanmar is a pioneer in efficient energy use, accelerating efforts towards realizing a society that reuses its resources.

Facility Location
Lot 11&12, IZ4, Jalan KKIP 1G, KKIP Selatan, Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park,88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
TEL. +60-88-496777

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Yanmar R&D Europe

Yanmar R&D Europe S.r.L. (YRE), established in June 2011 in Florence, Italy, is Yanmar Group’s first research and development center in Europe. YRE’s goal is to create the next generation of technology for the effective use of energy.

  1. Energy technology: Experimenting with and developing local energy network technology that makes use of renewable energy.
  2. Machine technology: Researching the next generation of industrial machinery, including advanced robotics utilizing HMI and manipulation.

Establishing medium and long-term goals in those two fields of technology, we have been promoting research initiatives in cooperation with various research institutions and companies, including local universities.
The research findings are shared between Yanmar Group's global research and development facilities with the aim of creating innovative new products for the global market.

Smart User Experimental Plant (located near Pisa)

Biomass Gasification Experimental Plant (located near Milan)

Facility Location
YANMAR R&D Europe S.r.L. Viale Galileo 3/A 50125, Firenze Italy
TEL: (+39) 055 512 1694

Bio Innovation Center Marine Farm

As a specialized research base for development of the fishery industry, the Bio Innovation Center Marine Farm aims to build a sustainable and safe aquaculture production systems through the development of aquaculture facilities, feeds and seeds that incorporate cutting-edge technologies to expand fish and shellfish production.

Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory

“Sustainable prosperity for all and a sustainable natural environment”.

This is the essence of our brand statement, A Sustainable Future. We are committed to advancing our knowledge and expertise cultivated throughout the years, towards the optimization of food production and harnessing power, so that people 100 years from now can enjoy safe and plentiful food.

Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory

Creating New Sustainable Agriculture Solutions. Creating Opportunities for People Around the World.

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Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory

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The Bio Innovation Center Kurashiki Laboratory

Yanmar (Shandong) R&D Center

Our R&D center in Shandong is collaborates with leading Chinese enterprises and research institutes to tackle a wide range of issues relating to energy conservation, safe food production and the creation of clean energy.

Facility Location
TEL. +86-532-5557-5117

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