Type Zero Tail
Operating Weight 1225 kg
Width 830 - 1000 mm
Digging Depth 1950 mm
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Landscaping

For superb manoeuvrability and performance in difficult environments, opt for the Vi010-2A. When the undercarriage is extended it becomes a zero-tail-swing machine, and when retracted, even highly confined environments become accessible. Longer tracks increase stability and smoothness, while an extendable folding blade adds to manoeuvrability. It also wins out on performance, thanks to the powerful engine and advanced hydraulic system. Easy to operate, thoughtful design ensures that maintenance is refreshingly straightforward.

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Specifications ViO10-2A
Weight Transport weight 1145 kg
Operating Weight 1220 kg
Engine Type 3TNV70-WBVB
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 9.2 kw/12.5 HP/2000 rpm
Gross Power 9.3 kW at 2000 rpm
Displacement 0.854 l
Max Torque 52 N.m./1600 rpm
Starter 12 V - 1.1 kW
Battery 12 V - 36 Ah
Alternator 14 V – 8.5 A
Hydraulic System Maximum Pressure 210 bars
Working Pump Variable flow dual piston pump
Max Flow 2 x 11 l/min
Hydraulic Tank 7.4 l
Performance Travel speed 2.1 km/h
Rotation Speed 10 rpm
Digging Force (arm) 5,58 kN
Digging Force (bucket) 13,72 kN
Traction Force n/a
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) 88 dBA
Fuel Tank 12 l


Dimensions ViO10-2A
A Overall length 3040 mm
B Overall height 2250 mm
C Overall width 830 / 1000 * mm
D Length of track on ground 1095 mm
E Undercarriage length 1440 mm
F Lane 650 - 820 * mm
G Track width 180 mm
H Overall blade width 830 / 1000 * mm
I Overall blade height 219 mm
J Blade distance 1010 mm
K Max. blade height above the ground 210 mm
L Max. lowering blade depth 230 mm
M Minimum ground clearance 140 mm
Dimensions ViO10-2A
N Max. digging depth - Blade lifted 1950 mm
O Max. digging depth - Blade lowered 2050 mm
P Max. digging reach on ground 3270 mm
Q Max. digging reach 3350 mm
R Max vertical wall 1650 mm
S Max. dumping height 2370 mm
T Max. cutting height 3150 mm
U Boom swinging base to left 50°
V Boom swinging base to right 90°
W Arm length 830 mm
X Minimum front swing radius 1330 mm
Y Minimum front swing radius with boom swing 1080 mm
Z Rear swing radius 650 mm



For exceptional performance across uneven surfaces, the undercarriage of the ViO10-2A is extendable. Retracted, it measures 830 mm, with reduced width offering greater manoeuvrability and access to confined spaces and through narrow entrances. By extending to 1,000 mm, it offers greater frontal stability and lifting capability. And whether extended or retracted, this well-balanced machine offers excellent weight distribution. In addition, the extendable blade makes enlargement manoeuvring quick and easy, with no risk of losing any extensions.


This is a true zero-tail machine, where even with the extended undercarriage, neither the counterweight nor the front part of the upper frame exceed the width of the crawlers. With the undercarriage retracted, the rear of the machine is exceeded by just 85 mm. In addition, the front swing radius with boom swing is 1,080 mm, while the rear swing radius is only 650 mm. A further notable feature is that, at 1,440 mm, the tracks are longer than those of competitors’ machines, resulting in improved stability and a smoother ride.


The three-cylinder engine of the ViO10-2A is surprisingly silent given its power. It offers low fuel consumption, while the advanced cooling system ensures there’s no overheating or loss of hydraulic performance, even in hot climates. Digging force and depth are both superlative, beating competitive machines thanks to features such as axial piston pumps, which outperform the gear pumps others use. In addition, the twin variable flow pumps mean it can stand up to more pressure than competitors’ products, and is capable of working non-stop with a breaker.


All serviceable parts are quickly and easily accessible. These include a frontal hydraulic distributor with immediate access, and an engine offering straightforward daily maintenance with the aid of the large bonnet. Unlike the competition, we use very few plastic working parts, resulting in greater robustness and durability and the highest residual value in its class. A clear, linear path leads to the hydraulic pipes on the back of the arm. These pipes are in several sections, so in the event of breakage, only the affected part need be replaced.


  • Flat face hydraulic quick connectors
  • Standard biodegradable oil
  • Seat raiser
  • Documentation box
  • Trackunit ME501 with GPS anti-theft device
  • Travel alarm
  • Special paint