Type Zero Tail
Operating Weight 2405 kg
Width 1380 - 1550 mm
Digging Depth 2270 - 2465 mm
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Engineering
  • Construction
  • Landscaping

Designed for safe working in confined environments, the ViO23-6 is also easy to transport, thanks to its retractable undercarriage and low weight. Advanced hydraulics and indirect-injection engine give it plenty of precision power when it matters. Much is provided for the operator as well, from advanced safety features to comfort-based design in a surprisingly roomy cabin. Quick and easy maintenance can be boosted by SmartAssist Remote, which also offers a wealth of fleet management, productivity and security benefits.

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Specifications ViO23-6
Weight Transport weight 2170 kg (canopy) / 2330 kg (cabin)
Operating Weight 2245 kg (canopy) / 2405 kg (cabin)
Engine Type 3TNV76-PBV1
Fuel Diesel
Net Power 14,3 kW at 2400 rpm
Gross Power 14,6 kW at 2400 rpm
Displacement 1.11 l
Max Torque 62,8 – 68,6 N.m at 1800 rpm
Starter 12V – 1kW
Battery 12 V – 36 Ah
Alternator 12 V – 40 A
Hydraulic System Maximum Pressure 210 bars
Working Pump 2 double piston pump with variable flow / 1 gear pump / 1 gear pump for pilot line
Max Flow 2 x 21,6 l/min / 20,4 l/min / 10,8 l/min
Hydraulic Tank 25 l
Performance Travel speed 2,2 / 4,2 km/h
Rotation Speed 10 rpm
Digging Force (arm) 13,1 / 10,6 kN
Digging Force (bucket) 17,5 kN
Traction Force 23,7 / 11,6 kN
Noise level (2000/14/CE & 2005/88/CE) LwA: 93 dBA / LpA: 80 dBA
Fuel Tank 27,5 l


Dimensions ViO23-6
A Overall length 3890 / 3910 mm
B Overall height 2420 / 2480 ** mm
C Overall width 1380 – 1550 * mm
D Length of track on ground 1470 mm
E Undercarriage length 1890 mm
F Lane 1130 / 1300 * mm
G Track width 250 mm
H Overall blade width 1380 / 1550 * mm
I Overall blade height 290 mm
J Blade distance 1320 mm
K Max. blade height above the ground 355 mm
L Max. lowering blade depth 335 mm
M Minimum ground clearance 150 mm
Dimensions ViO23-6
N Max. digging depth - Blade lifted 2270 / 2465 mm
O Max. digging depth - Blade lowered 2450 / 2655 mm
P Max. digging reach on ground 4020 / 4220 mm
Q Max. digging reach 4140 / 4325 mm
R Max vertical wall 1870 / 2080 mm
S Max. dumping height 2570 / 2695 mm
T Max. cutting height 3840 / 3960 mm
U Boom swinging base to left 46°
V Boom swinging base to right 74°
W Arm length 950 / 1150 mm
X Minimum front swing radius 1820 / 1850 mm
Y Minimum front swing radius with boom swing 1530 / 1560 mm
Z Rear swing radius 690 mm

* Retracted undercarriage – Extended undercarriage
** Canopy / Cabine



The ViO23-6 is a mini excavator which can work in the tightest spots, making it perfect for many urban environments. As a true zero-tail swing mini excavator, it allows a full rotation of the upper frame within the width of the crawlers for maximum safety. The rear blind spot has also been reduced to a minimum. All of this means that work along walls can be undertaken confidently and efficiently, and without having to worry about the safety of site workers.


The undercarriage retracts to just 1,380 mm, giving it easy access to tight areas. When extended, it measures 1,500 mm. Add in the excellent weight distribution and it’s no surprise that the resulting high stability results in impressive digging and loading capabilities. Plus with reduced clearance between the sliding parts, extending the undercarriage does not result in soil build-up. The hinged blade extensions are permanently fixed on the blade, so there’s no possibility of losing them. They can also be quickly repositioned without tools.


The transportation weight of the cabin version of the machine with standard counterweight and short arm is only 2,330 kg (not including quick hitch or any bucket attachment). With the ultra-compact retracted undercarriage, this means that the ViO23-6 can be easily transported by means of a trailer. Even when moved with a range of attachments, the total towed weight comes in at less than 3.5 tonnes.


Exceptional productivity is a given, thanks to an advanced combination of excavation power, arm length and extended operating cycles. The robust and reliable Yanmar 3TNV engine features an indirect injection system with mechanical speed governor. The auto-deceleration system and eco-mode setting offer additional fuel reduction possibilities, and there are excellent exhaust emission performances as well. For the hydraulic system, we use a control valve based on the ViPPS principle. This cumulates the flow of separate pumps in order to deliver optimal speed, power, smoothness and balance.


A lot of thought has gone into making life as easy and comfortable as possible for the operator. The machine offers an ergonomic environment, with 360° visibility and exceptional safety features, with both ROPS and FOPS certification. Control levers are sensitive and precise, as well as easily accessible. There’s plenty of leg room, together with a flat floor. The exceptionally quiet engine makes working more pleasant as well. An ergonomic suspension seat is available as an optional extra, complete with adjustable controls, high backrest and retractable seat belt.


The ViO23-6 is designed for optimum long-term reliability, durability and performance in demanding conditions and work environments, with minimal maintenance. All main components are accessible via the easy-to-open bonnet or the right-side cover, which is mounted on one hinge for quick access. A flat floor mat makes cleaning, checking and servicing easier as well. To help reduce downtime, the Yanmar digital interface informs the operator in real time about the machine’s status, highlighting when components need attention and providing service assistance. Highly resistant steel panels and full cylinder protection also reduce downtime and total cost of ownership.



  • Long arm (+200 mm)
  • Proportional 3rd&4th circuits with potentiometers
  • Clamshell bucket line
  • Hydraulic quick hitch line 150 – 165 bar
  • Flat face hydraulic quick connectors
  • Standard biodegradable oil
  • Additional counterweight (+ 100 kg)
  • 2 front LED working lights
  • 1 rear LED work light + 1 LED flashing rotary
  • 1 LED flashing rotary
  • 2 front LED + 1 rear LED work light + 1 LED flashing rotary
  • Beacon light with magnetic base


  • Premium textile seat
  • Premium vinyl seat
  • Vinyl seat
  • Large travel pedals
  • Radio


  • Document box
  • 3 safety valves with welded ring on the bucket link
  • Lifting certificate (only for France)
  • Travel alarm
  • RFID Key anti-theft device
  • GPS trackunit ME501 standard
  • Special paint