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The “Y” from YANMAR. The brand logo is derived from our company name, as well as the Japanese dragonfly (Oniyanma), a symbol of good harvest in Japan. The logo combines these two motifs to express Yanmar’s will to leap forward into the next century. The sharp form represents our spirit of innovation, ready to open up the future, as well as our world-leading technology. Our corporate color red represents the pioneering spirit, defiance, and passion, as well as the sun and abundant natural wealth.

Corporate Brand. In 1952, we changed our company name, and we took this as an opportunity to create a logo based on the word “Yanmar.” Since then it has evolved with the times, and in 1993 our current design was unveiled.

“Yanmar” was established as a trademark in 1921. The name is a combination of the Yanma Dragonfly (known by names such as Oniyanma and Ginyanma) and the “Yama” from the name of the company founder Magokichi Yamaoka.
In 2002, we made a fresh start as a holdings company, and changed our name to Yanmar Co., Ltd. and then changed its name to the current “Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.”

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