Our Purpose



A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE New Value through Technology

Since YANMAR’s founding more than 100 years ago, our company has been driven by a pioneering spirit for world-leading technology. Today, this technology continues to be a core focus, allowing us to utilize and transform all kinds of energy resources into power that can be harnessed for highly efficient human convenience.

Using our ever advancing technology, YANMAR continuously strives to exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional lifetime value by integrating our products, services and knowledge into superior quality, comprehensive solutions.

Food and energy are two needs of increasing importance for which YANMAR is committed to providing optimal solutions to our customers. We gather knowledge and insights from a variety of resources, research institutes and corporations to develop innovations aimed at creating a global sustainable society.

Sustainable prosperity for all and, A Sustainable natural environment. YANMAR will pursue these two “sustainables” to the next level, towards a new era of prosperity in the coming century.


Yanmar’s business activities and efforts toward nurturing the next generation and promoting cultural diversity are deeply rooted in our core values of Hanasaka, inherited by our founder. These core values are ever present as we continue our pursuit to achieve A Sustainable Future and the four goals outlined for society in Yanmar’s Future Vision.

The diagram shows each business activity, the four societies in the FUTURE VISION and A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE built up in sequence on the foundation of HANASAKA.


VISION 01An Energy-Saving Society

Greater access to energy.
Waste-free, safe and affordable heat, work and power, at any time.


By developing highly efficient and affordable engine technologies and systems that can make optimal use of diverse energy sources, we reduce the burden on the environment and make society more agreeable for all.


VISION 02A Society Where People Can Work and Live with Peace of Mind

Relief from harsh working conditions.
People earn a secure living in safe and fullfiling work and live rewarding lives in harmony with nature.


We use automation and autonomy to reduce workload and improve productivity, find technical solutions for making machines and vehicles safer and easier to handle, and support infrastructure and urban planning in order to create better working environments.


VISION 03A Society Where People Can Enjoy Safe and Plentiful Food

Delicious and nutritious food anytime, anywhere.
Healthier living for all.


From preparing the soil through planting, harvesting, and beyond, we offer total support for the food value chain all the way to the table. We are determined to create a society where people can continue to enjoy the gift of flavor.


VISION 04A Society That Offers an Exciting Life Filled with Rich and Fulfilling Experiences

Get the most out of work and play.
A better quality of life for all.


Not only do we pursue ease of use and creativity in our products and services, we support products and activities for educating the next generation and encouraging cultural development. We aim to make both work and play more fulfilling in everyday life.


Our core values of Hanasaka are inherited by our founder, Magokichi Yamaoka. Hanasaka has a focus on helping people harness their untapped potential to push the limits of their imagination.


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