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Yanmar Introduces the Highly Productive, Easy to Operate YT2 Series Tractors

March 23, 2016
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Yanmar Co., Ltd. is to release the highly productive and easy to operate YT2 series tractors. The YT2 series is ideal for applications in smaller size farms, and would be the perfect choice in farms located in mountainous areas and suburban farms. Employing a more simplified lever and switch cluster, a 10-speed transmission and the J-change Plus, which offers seamless forward and reverse transitioning without the need to use a clutch — the YT2 series tractors were built with ease-of-operation in mind, empowering practically anyone to be able to operate them. The YT2 series tractors offer a comfortable workstation to operate from, with the cab’s smoothed out, load-reducing flooring allowing the operator to easily enter and exit the cab, in addition to being constructed with anti-vibration flooring reducing engine vibrations for a smoother ride. Furthermore, the enhanced rotary tiller offers considerable improvements to tillage precision. Improvements in tine layout and rotor and cover design offer better soil inversion and tillage performances, adding to a further increase in machine productivity. Whether it is for small or large size farms, the YT series offers an extensive lineup that can be tailored to a wide range of tractor applications.

YT2 Series Tractors:

1. Product: Yanmar Tractor YT2 Series YT222/225/228 (J)/232 (J)
2. Release Date: April 1, 2016 (Japan)
3. Suggested Retail Price incl. half-crawler specs: \1,715,000-4,470,000 (tax excluded)

Core Features:

1. Easy for Anyone to Operate
Whether the operator has experience in using previous models or is just a beginner, with the enhanced 10-speed transmission and the J-change Plus, which offers seamless forward and reverse transitioning without the need to use a clutch, the YT2 series is built to be easy to operate for anyone.

  • (A)Finger Touch Reverser: There’s no need to use a clutch for forward and reverse transitioning, as it can now be completed with a lever conveniently located next to the steering wheel.
  • (B)10-speed transmission lever: By lightly adjusting the lever, all gear changes can be accomplished seamlessly without using a clutch, eliminating any gear changing jolts.
  • (C)No Clutch Break Stop: Stopping the machine also now no longer requires a clutch.

2. A Comfortable Workstation
The bell housing has been upgraded with the HST* (hydrostatic transmission) positioning now being on the same side as the clutch, resulting in flattened flooring to allow the operator to get in and out of the cab with ease.

3. Upgraded Rotors for Enhancements in Tillage Precision

  • Improvements in rotary tiller tine layout and rotor and cover designs offer better soil inversion and tillage performances.
  • The enlarged 490 mm diameter rotors offer deeper soil penetration compared to the EG200 series at 450 mm, allowing for improved water retention in mountainous and terraced paddy fields.

*A hydraulic pump connected to hydraulic motors in the one housing, resulting in a hydrostatic continuously variable transmission (CVT).

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