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Yanmar Renews Sponsorship of Vietnam National Football Team

August 8, 2016
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Leveraging technology in the agriculture and marine industries to provide products, services, technology and solutions that support the livelihoods of people in Vietnam, Yanmar Co., Ltd. furthers its efforts with the renewal of its agreement with the Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) as the official Top Star Partner of the Vietnam national football team.

Since signing the agreement with the VFF, in March of last year, to become the official Top Star Partner of the Vietnam national football team, Yanmar has done more than just publicize the Yanmar brand during the team’s matches, making contributions to strengthening the team by providing solutions for improving the natural field turf and overall training environment at a VFF official training center (Vietnam Youth Football Training Center) where the national team trains. To raise awareness of these initiatives, Yanmar hosted a friendship tournament, the Yanmar Cup, between the Yanmar-supported Japan professional soccer league’s (J.League) Cerezo Osaka and the Vietnam under-23 national team in Hanoi last December, deepening ties with soccer fans in Vietnam. With continuing efforts to improve the turf, Yanmar recently revealed a field comparable in quality to some of the top fields in Europe, South Korea and Japan.

With the renewal of the agreement, Yanmar has acquired the naming right to the official training field, now informally called the Yanmar Field, to create a greater awareness of Yanmar’s business operations, philosophy and brand,. Through its future growth as a strong team in Asia, the Vietnamese team provides a further opportunity for Yanmar to come together with and share in the joys of soccer with the people of Vietnam.

Yanmar’s brand statement “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE” emboldens the ambitions of Yanmar to realize a future of sustainable prosperity and a society enriched by experiences. As a part of this ambition, Yanmar views the activities of the Vietnam national football team, of the VFF, as a way for people to come together through commonly shared joys, transcending language, racial backgrounds and nationalities toward bigger dreams and the enhancement of technology.

Through these opportunities transpired through soccer, Yanmar is looking to build greater ties with the global community, expanding its scope and pursuing the realization of a society enriched with experiences.

Comment by VFF General Secretary Le Hoai Anh

“Since becoming the Top Star Partner in 2015, Yanmar has made many contributions to the continuing activities and successes of the Vietnam national football team. Yanmar’s efforts to improve the field have provided our players with a motivating place to train, contributing to our victory against Syria at the My Dinh National Stadium and another win at the AYA Bank Cup 2016 in Myanmar. Backed by an overwhelming and supporting environment granted by Yanmar’s sponsorship and the soccer fans in Vietnam, we are fully prepared to face the challenges of the VFF ASEAN Football Championship”.

Key points of sponsorship agreement

Vietnam National Football Team Top Star Partner
Sponsored teams
Vietnam national team, Vietnam under-23 national team
Sponsorship period
Until March 2018
Matches which sponsorship rights apply to
Matches organized in Vietnam by the VFF and for which the latter has marketing rights
Sponsorship fee
Not publicized

Yanmar will join the people in supporting the Vietnam national football team, taking part in various promotional activities, including the display of the Yanmar logo on the field level signage and the back of the national football team’s official practice jerseys, in addition to the naming of the 3rd VFF official training field in Hanoi.

Sponsorship logo

Yanmar Field logo

About Vietnam national football team

Head coach
Nguyen Huu Thang
FIFA Ranking
133 (June 2016)


Press release about the Vietnam national football team sponsorship agreement (March 4, 2015)

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