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The Yanmar “YT3 Series” tractors have been awarded the “Good Design Gold Award 2016”

October 28, 2016
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

The Yanmar "YT3 Series" tractors was selected as one of the winners of the "Good Design Gold Award 2016" (Operated by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion) from among a total 4,085 entries.

The "Good Design Gold Award" is an award granted to recognize particularly outstanding designs from among all of the Good Design Award candidates for 2016.

<Award Acceptance Comment>

■ Takehito Suzuki, Director Agricultural Business Division and Vice President Yanmar Co., Ltd.

"We are very happy to accept this award which we have been given thanks to the positive assessments of not only our product design, but also incorporating design in agriculture products. We designed these products to support the farmers of the next generation and allow them to not only work efficiently and comfortably, but to engage in agriculture with a sense of pride. This product is a concentrated example of the "pride" we have in Yanmar's manufacturing, that has grown together with Japanese agriculture over the past 100 years. Going forward Yanmar will continue to highlight the possibilities present in agriculture, and carry out manufacturing that contributes to a sense of "pride" in their work for those engaged in agriculture."


"We are very happy to have received the extremely well-respected Good Design Gold Award this year. We participated in the design of the YT tractor series because we wanted to contribute to pride and admiration for agricultural work. As designers, we are extremely happy that this design was not only appreciated for its superficial styling, but also for its operability, comfort, impact on the marketplace and other factors which are what design is really all about. We will continue to do are best and try to continually improve for all of the farmers who we visited in order to find what users wanted from tractors when designing this product."

<Award Details>

  • Awarded Product Name: Yanmar "YT3 Series" Tractor
  • Product Overview:
    The Yanmar "YT3 Series" tractor offers a new look and conditions for Japan's agriculture industry. This product enables work to be completed in an attractive manner, allows users to carry out their daily work in a positive manner and in comfort, provides ease of operation that accommodates a wide range of needs, and provides a design that makes owners of the product proud to be owners. The series is designed to support the farmers of the next generation and allow them to not only work efficiently and comfortably, but also to engage in agriculture with a sense of ambition and pride.
  • Judging Committee Assessment:
    This product sets a new direction for agricultural machinery by incorporating the desire to make owners of the product happy to be owners and provide them with a sense of pride regarding agriculture. Our high appraisal of this product comes from not only the eye-catching exterior design that is different from anything that's come before, but also a variety of other factors including the improvement of the basic functionality of a tractor, the cabin that ensures a wider field of view by utilizing an single-body press manufacturing method, the implantation of an operation system which completely reevaluates the layout of controls in order to reduce stress and burden of users when operating the product. In addition, we'd also like to make special note of the approval from the judging committees of other units for this products work in actively engaging designers in the agricultural field and the company's efforts to create a new image for and appreciation of agricultural work by implementing new promotions such as exhibiting the product at children's amusement facilities.

<About Yanmar>

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