自工業革命以來,全球變暖是由人類活動排放的溫室氣體 (GHG) 引起的。
在挑戰 1 下,整個洋馬集團將開發和銷售與各種綠色能源兼容的綠色動力總成,例如替代燃料、發動機和燃料電池系統,同時不影響客戶的便利性,以及配備此類的農業和工程機械。動力總成,以便到 2050 年實現碳中和。



In "Challenge 2", we set four themes and goals aiming to realize corporate activities to be environmental impact free. For example, in Theme 1 "Waste Reduction and Recycling," we will minimize the resources used in all aspects of our corporate activities, and at the same time, make all the resources we use recyclable by 2040. In this way, we aim to become a company that supports beautiful lifestyles while protecting the global environment from current activities, we set intermediate goals for 2030-2040 for each theme, and introduce improvements and new mechanisms to save the global environment step by step.



Under Challenge 3, the Yanmar Group will propose solutions to convert customer activities into GHG-negative and resource-recycling activities as active GHG reduction activities outside of the Group's corporate activities. For example, in the field of energy conversion, in addition to the energy management systems and high-efficiency internal combustion engines that we already provide, we also offer solutions to minimize the losses that occur during energy conversion and energy use in our customers' activities, such as solutions that convert waste heat into electricity and usable heat, and we aim to provide solutions such as CO2 capture and carbon fixation.
In the area of food production, in addition to solutions that support the minimization of input materials in food production, such as precision fertilization, we aim to provide solutions that recycle production residues and food residues generated during food production as energy and food production materials, such as composters and biomass gasification systems, and solutions that realize food production that contributes to environmental conservation and recovery, such as regenerative farming.