About Yanmar Cup in Biwako

Yanmar sponsors the Yanmar Cup, in which more than 30 yachts participate every year (62 yachts, the largest number ever). This sailing race began in the spirit of fostering a broad marine sports culture in Japan, and on the occasion of its 20th anniversary in 2015, the spring race, the Yanmar Marina Cup was developed into the Yanmar Cup in Biwako, a larger event held twice a year, in spring and fall.

Many sailors participated in this year's event which divided into two classes, Cruiser and Racer, and sailors competed for the top prizes in each class with the aim of improving their sailing skills. The boat that wins the overall championship out of all participating boats will be awarded the Yanmar Cup.


Course: Lake Biwa North Course (Lake Biwa Bridge North to Shiga Offshore Observation Tower and Chomeiji Port)


1380, Mizuho-cho, Moriyama-shi, Shiga 524-0102
TEL: 077-585-1212

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