Horse Power 70.0 PS
Weight 3160 kg

Rice and Corn Combine Harvester AW70V
Quick and easy harvesting made possible by Yanmar’s AW70V


  • Best Reaping Performance in Different Conditons

    Cutterbar’s flexible adjustment can reap even lodged crops (incline range from -50mm- 1000mm)

  • Comfortable Operation

    Seat position provides panoramic views of sides and front of machines. NO NEED to stand.

  • Advanced Sorting with Twin Threshing System

    Wide and long separator (850mmx1410mm) enhances better grain selection, preventing chaff and dust mixing with the grain, for clean and minimal grain loss.

  • High Ground Clearance

    Protects gear box from dirt and offers easy maneuverability through crops consistently even in mud and muddy fields

  • Stable in the Field

    Long (100mm) and wide (500mm) crawlers are stable and durable


    SMARTASSIST is the service which monitors machines based on data for operations and conditions utilizing GPS equipment installed in the machine. Take advantage of this new style of farming and contracting business, which effectively improves farm management and machine life through SMARTASSIST.


Model AW70V
Dimension Length [mm] 5030
Width [mm] 2285
Height [mm] 2905
Weight [kg] 3160
Engine Model 4TNV98
Type Water-cooled, 4 cycle, 4 cylinder - Diesel
Displacement [cc] 3318
Max. Output / Speed [PS/rpm] 70/2500
Fuel Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity [L] 90
Starting method Electric Start
Traveling Section Rubber Crawler Width [mm] 500
Ground Contact Length [mm] 1700
Ground Contact Pressure [kPa] 18.2
Mode of Speed Control HST with Hydraulic Side Clutch
Range Shift Gear Stepless × 3 Range Auxiliary Speed Changes
Traveling Speed [m/s] Lower: 0-0.93,
Standard: 0-1.50,
Fast: 0-1.85
Minimum Ground Clearance [mm] 327
Reaping Section Gap at the front end of crop divider [mm] 2060
Cutter Blade Width [mm] 1975
Cutting Height Range [mm] -50 - 1,200
Reel Diameter × Width [mm] 900 × 1,920
Threshing Section Threshing Section Type Twin Rotor System (Front Rotor + Threshing Rotor)
Front Rotor Diameter × Length [mm] 400 × 520
Threshing Rotor Diameter × Length [mm] 640 × 1,850
Swing Separator Size: Width × Length [mm] 850 × 1,410
Concave Size [m2] 1.75
Grain Output Method 2 grain outputs
Tank Capacity [L] 490
Electrical system 12 Volt Battery Starting, Lighting Equipment, Alarms Electrical System
Harvesting Capacity [ha/hr] 0.2 - 0.6*


Model AW70V,SX-PH
Dimension Length (With corn kit) [mm] 5,030 (5,640)
Width (With corn kit) [mm] 2,285 (2,285)
Height (With corn kit) [mm] 2,905 (2,905)
Weight (With corn kit) [kg] 3,160 (3,236)


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