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Marine Commercial - News Release

Yanmar Adds Connectivity to Selective Catalytic Reduction System for Marine Engines

May 18, 2022
Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd.

Yanmar SCR system with connected functionality.

May 18, 2022; Osaka, Japan – Yanmar Power Technology Co., Ltd. (YPT) a group company of Yanmar Holdings Co., Ltd. will start offering its proprietary selective catalytic reduction (SCR) exhaust gas purification system*1 with connected functionality and a dedicated management app from mid-May.

Ships at sea generally do not have a well-developed IT environment, and reducing the time spent on onboard management can be a challenge. YPT is working to improve onboard efficiency by developing a system that provides connectivity using smartphones.

The control panel of the SCR system developed by YPT has a USB port that can be used to connect it to a smartphone, allowing onboard information to be stored in the cloud through a dedicated application. The app also makes it possible to check performance diagnosis results and maintenance timing notifications even in shipboard environments without Internet access.
Yanmar is promoting the implementation of this system to reduce the time crews need to spend on ship management through the use of ICT and by proposing appropriate maintenance based on the actual usage conditions, towards safe navigation of the seas.

Overview of Connected Functionality

USB port on the SCR system control panel

In response to the demand for compliance with emission regulations, this SCR system control panel provides engine and SCR system management in one package to comply with NOx emission regulations. Furthermore, the SCR system control panel can store system operating data in the cloud by connecting a smartphone to the system via a USB port on the control panel, enabling centralized management of performance diagnosis data.

Obtaining system operation data via the USB connection.

Centralized information management via smartphones

When a smartphone with the dedicated "YANMAR SHIPSWEB SMART-LINK "*2 application installed is connected to the system, it will link to operating data, including engine data. Then, when the system is online, it will connect to the "YANMAR SHIPSWEB" cloud service provided by Yanmar Engineering Co.
Even in an offline environment, the application can access stored performance diagnosis data and periodic maintenance notifications can be received, allowing parts and maintenance to be arranged in advance, supporting stable operation planning.

Performance diagnosis result screen on a smartphone.


Download the dedicated application "YANMAR SHIPSWEB SMART-LINK" (Google Play)

*1 - SCR: Abbreviation for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).
NOx emissions, which are regulated by the International Maritime Organization, are converted into harmless nitrogen and water by reaction with an ammonia catalyst.

*2 - The dedicated application "YANMAR SHIPSWEB SMART-LINK" can be downloaded free of charge from "Google play".

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