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Official Statement Regarding Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

March 14, 2011
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Official Statement Regarding Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
March 14, 2011

Yanmar America would like to thank all our distributors, dealers, employees, families and others for your thoughts and concerns during this time.  

Yanmar Japan’s (YJ) production facilities have not been directly affected by the earthquake and tsunami last week due to their location away from the epicenter and surrounding areas.  Factory operations are business as usual.

YJ is still trying to confirm that all parts and materials will continue being supplied, without disruption, since some are procured from the affected region.

Due to additional tsunami warnings, loading cargo on outgoing container vessels has been suspended at northern Japanese ports for 2-3 days.  Additionally, a shortage of electricity at ports in the eastern region of Japan (Yokohama and Tokyo) may cause some delay in cargo loading operations as well.  Please be advised that shipment from Japan may be delayed.

Regarding Yanmar’s Parts operations, two domestic distribution centers in Japan’s northeastern region were affected by the earthquake.  The best estimate for recovery will take at least 1-2 weeks before normal business operations resume.

More time and information is needed to confirm the details of any additional production or shipment delays.  Yanmar America will keep all parties updated whenever we receive additional information.

For the shipment schedule of your order, please contact your respective Division contacts within Yanmar America.

Brooke Akers
Yanmar America Corporation
Marketing Manager