News Release

Cascade Engine Center, LLC gets ISO 9001:2008 Certification

January 11, 2013
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Cascade Engine Center, LLC (A Yanmar Distributor located in Tukwila, WA) is currently recognized as an ISO 9001:2008 company, creating a streamlined and efficient quality management system internally and for customers alike. Cascade achieved the long held goal after a collective effort that required training for all Cascade employees. The process began in September 2011 and culminated in the December 2012 certification by TUV USA. A four person team comprising of managers from operations, engineering and production enrolled in a nine month long course that prepared the company for the certification process. The 128 hour course educated the ISO team members on the best methods for implementing the new system. The new quality management system promotes greater transparency and consistency in all aspects of Cascade’s daily business functions.

Two audits were performed on-site by TUV USA to certify Cascade as ISO 9001:2008 compliant. The first day-long audit took place in late August, followed by a more exhaustive three day audit in mid-November. A variety of employees were interviewed to explain their role in the quality system, as well as to gauge their understanding of new ISO procedures that apply to their job.

Cascade was formally certified at the end of December. The scope of the registration covers the company’s industrial and marine diesel engine distribution with design integration services. “There is no doubt from our ISO team and all the employees at Cascade Engine Center that we will be a more effective operation and better value for customers with this certification and process in place,” President Tim Hess said.  The company will be audited on a yearly basis to ensure the company adheres to its established ISO 9001:2008 procedures.