News Release

YANMAR America Energy Systems Group Provides Free Technical Training to Dealers

February 24, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

The Energy Systems division of YANMAR America is pleased to announce our 2014 micro CHP technical training offerings. Based on dealer feedback from last year’s training, we have improved our curriculum to include full-day courses for more in-depth training and we’ve reduced class sizes to six students per session in order to provide more “hands-on” experiences.


Available micro CHP courses include:

·         CHP Basics: Develop an understanding of the YANMAR CHP specifications to utilize for site design and servicing.

·         CHP Installation: Develop an understanding of YANMAR CHP installation conditions to utilize for site design and installation.

·         CHP Service Tool: Develop a working knowledge of the operation of YANMAR CHP Service tools (How to use the PC Checker, Remote Monitoring System, and Software Update Tool).

·         CHP Commissioning: Develop a working knowledge of how to operate and commission the YANMAR CHP, as well as complete a commissioning report.

Each training session lasts two days and includes two courses, and there is an optional three hour Q&A session available on the third day.

YANMAR America will not be charging our Energy Systems dealers for these micro CHP courses, and we hope that you will take advantage of this invaluable learning opportunity.

To learn more about the training sessions, see a schedule of dates or for more information, please contact Jeron Burrowes at or 770-877-6218.