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YANMAR Premium Agriculture Wear On Sale Now

April 24, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR Premium Agriculture Wear On Sale Now

YANMAR has begun sales of its “Premium Agriculture Wear," combining cutting-edge materials, design and technology to create items for new agricultural work styles.

The endeavor was overseen by YANMAR Premium Brand Project’s Creative Director Kashiwa Sato and designed by world-renowned fashion designer Naoki Takizawa.

These are not simply outfits for everyday work. YANMAR has created high-performance wear that offers both outstanding functionality and fashion sense to reduce the burden of farm work and add a little fun to each day. The company chose a lightweight fabric that reduces the energy used in farm work, while its research into specific body movements produced material cuts that eliminate the stresses of these actions. The design process involved repeatedly talking to farming families to hear their opinions and needs first-hand, and then developing practical solutions. The choice of titanium brown as the base color was inspired by the image of farmers facing the land each day in their work. This earthy brown is offset by a lively pink highlight for the women’s wear and black accents for the men’s designs.

YANMAR aims to revolutionize the world of agriculture using cutting-edge technology and smart design.

The new line can be seen at, but articles are only available for purchase in Japan at this time.

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