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YANMAR Launches the New ViO25-6 Series of True Zero Tail Swing Excavators

September 10, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

YANMAR Launches the New ViO25-6 Series of True Zero Tail Swing Excavators

YANMAR Construction Equipment Co., Ltd. is proud to present the latest line up of its popular ViO25-6 mini excavators featuring improvements in comfort, reliability and safety. These new excavators will be arriving for the North American market later this fall, and will replace the ViO27.

In terms of comfort and ease of operation, the new excavators will feature flat step and floor mats as well as automatic room lights that activate when the cabin door is open. A large LED back-lit monitor will display useful operation information.

These new models will also be more efficient and cost effective when it comes to transporting them. They will weigh 5,615 lbs (2,500 kg) with the canopy or 5,864 lbs (2,660kg) with the cabin., which will allow them to be safely transported with the rubber crawler tracks and aluminum loading ramps on 3-ton class trucks.

In a continuation of designing equipment to be safe for operators, the ViO25-6 mini excavators follow major safety standards, including TOPS (tip-over protective structures) and Headguard safety standards in the two-post canopy, and the ROPS (roll-over protective structures) and FOPS (falling object protective structures) safety standards in the four-post canopy and cabin.

Finally, the new excavators are equipped with YANMAR’s “SmartAssist Remote,” which allows for machine settings, including limits on boom height and arm retraction, to be managed over the internet.

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Major Specifications (Standard model with rubber crawler track):

Product model


Engine model


Operating weight

5,511 lb/2,500 kg

Rated output

15.2/2500 (kW/min-1)

Bucket capacity

2.8 cubic feet/0.08 cubic meters

Max. digging depth

8.3 ft/2,540 mm

Max. digging height

14.6 ft/4,460 mm

Max. horizontal reach

14.4 ft/4,400 mm

Dimensions (L x W x H)

13.5 ft x 4.9 ft x 8.1 ft/4,110 mm X 1,500 mm X 2,470 mm

Fuel tank capacity

7.7 gal/29.2 L

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