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Ushering in the Next Generation of Agriculture: Opening of YANMAR’s Flagship Store in Northern Japan

November 10, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Ushering in the Next Generation of Agriculture: Opening of YANMAR’s Flagship Store in Northern Japan

As YANMAR strives to revolutionize the agriculture industry, the Northern Japan-based Hokkaido Company Headquarters of YANMAR Agri Japan Co., Ltd. (YAJ Hokkaido) has undergone a full renovation and reopened as the YANMAR Agri Solutions Center Hokkaido on November 7.

Since YAJ Hokkaido relocated in 1997, the facility has been visited by over 50,000 people. With this renovation, YANMAR will be able to not only show customers everything the company has to offer, but also let them experience it.

The “Knowledge Center,” the core of the facilities, will provide the latest agricultural information and consultation services for customers’ problems, but as a “full-package flagship store,” it will also allow visitors to experience the next generation of agriculture and learn about the newest agricultural solutions.

The “Demonstration Field,” a first for the agricultural machinery industry, will provide visitors the ability to try out YANMAR’s products, including new machinery, the RTK base station’s “GPS Guidance” and “precision auto steering.” (RTK is a Real Time Kinematic GPS, which is a high performance positioning system using interference positioning.)

Ken Okuyama, world-renowned designer and YANMAR Holdings Co, Ltd. director, supervised the design of the facilities, which were planned so that farmers can come to relax even if they only have a small amount of time available, and so that they can learn about all of the new and interesting things happening in the field of agriculture, while witnessing YANMAR’s new technological advances in person.

This large-scale renovation is YAJ Hokkaido’s contribution to the development of the next generation of agriculture in the prefecture and across the globe.

Facilities Outline:

Name: YANMAR Agri Solutions Center (Hokkaido Company Headquarters)

Location: Ebetsu, Hokkaido Japan  TEL: +81-11-381-2300

Land Area: Approximately 60,000 square meters

Annual Visitor Goal: 10,000 people

Facilities Highlights:

Designed under the supervision of YANMAR Holdings Co., Ltd. director Ken Okuyama.

The first of its kind in Japan, the building is a permanent structure made using freight containers. Forty-foot long containers are stacked vertically to provide a unique viewing lounge for the Demonstration Field.

Visitors can try out YANMAR’s machines, the RTK base station’s “GPS Guidance” and “precision auto steering."

Machine safety and training programs will be prepared for new and veteran farmers.

Ken Okuyama design’s cutting-edge agri machines will also be on display at all times. Visitors will be able to test out the machines, which are ergonomically-designed, excelling in both function and comfort.

The facilities will feature a wide selection of “Flying Y” and John Deere original goods.

The “Knowledge Center” can accommodate 100 people, and will serve as an event and group training space.

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