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Creating a New Agriculture Through "Premium Design": The New YT Series Tractor

November 24, 2014
Yanmar Co., Ltd.

Creating a New Agriculture Through "Premium Design": The New YT Series Tractor

With the number of professional farmers and agricultural collectives in Japan and across the globe steadily increasing, there is a greater demand for agricultural machinery that is highly efficient, highly functional and low cost. Considering this trend, YANMAR is addressing farmers’ needs of “comfort, control, potential and pride” with the new flagship model YT Series large-size tractor.

Under the slogan, “Creating a new agriculture,” world-renowned Ken Okuyama (also a director of YANMAR Holdings Co., Ltd.) heads the product design. The YT Series tractor utilizes the same innovative and unique “premium design” as the combine the company is releasing at the same time.

With a new “premium red” color, more striking than YANMAR’s usual red, and a body design that evokes a sense of strength, farmers can further enjoy their everyday work and take pride in the refined construction of their tractor.

Operators have access to a 330° view from inside the cabin thanks to rounded glass on all sides; no detail was forgotten, as even before customers enter the tractor, an adjustable aluminum step projects a feeling of luxury. Also focusing on ease-of-use, levers and switches used often during operation are placed above the armrest to create a new working experience. Operators can also check various machine settings and conditions in an instant on the color monitor located to their right. The company’s acclaimed continuously variable transmission has been further improved for increased functionality and efficiency, and the powerful and eco-friendly YANMAR green diesel engine has cleared Japan’s Tier 3 and EPA Final Tier 4 emissions regulations.

Advanced design and simple, yet sturdy, function come together in YANMAR’s flagship model YT Series, making this premium tractor a vital addition to every professional farmer’s lineup of machinery.

Product: YT Series tractor

Release date: May 2015 (planned)

Core Features:

  1. Creating a status symbol

  • Remarkably innovative
  • Refined construction allows customers to take pride in the tractor they drive
  • The brilliant “premium red” color displays the pioneering spirit of YANMAR, conveying an image of strength and user-friendliness
  • This tractor was designed with every aspect of farming considered, it marks the start of a “new agriculture"

  2. Low-vibration and noise, vibration-isolating frame

  • The engine and transmission are supported by a sturdy vibration-isolating frame on both sides
  • Durability has been improved, and the front loader is attached directly to the frame
  • Vibration and noise are largely reduced with vibration-isolating mounts for each the engine and cabin (Operator noise exposure 75dB(A)) 

  3. Comfortable and user-friendly cabin interior

  • The cabin features German based Grammer’s air suspension seat, which excels in vibration absorption for the utmost comfort during extended operation (YT5113/YT5101 only, YT490 has a mechanical suspension seat)
  • Efficient operation due to optimal lever placement
  • Large dashboard and color monitor
  • Work settings adjustable from the color monitor
  • Work information viewable from the monitor
  • Password settings for theft protection

  4. Wide array of functions for a job well done

  • Loaded with the clean and high-powered YANMAR common rail engine
  • Equipped with “e-CONTROL” to automatically adjust engine rotations and vehicle speed, which lowers running costs (Maximum of 20% reduced fuel usage compared to previous models)

  5. Extensive support system

  • Premium inspection package
  • Essential initial maintenance inspection (after 50 hours) and a machine diagnostic check before warranty period (1 year) ends. With the inspection of a professional, actions can be taken before trouble occurs
  • SmartAssist Remote included as a standard feature
  • GPS antenna/mobile communications device installed, which allows the operating status, machine condition and location to be checked away from the work site 

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