We Love Hearing From our Customers! DT Ranch Testimonial.

November 4, 2019
YANMAR America

We are so grateful to have such a loyal and passionate group of people representing YANMAR tractors! Check out this amazing testimonial from the owners of DT Ranch in Marlow, Oklahoma.

“I love my YT359C! I’m a 53-year-old woman, who bought a 53-acre ranch with my husband 4-years ago. When I realized that our current tractor wasn’t going to be able to handle the workload – the search was on for a bigger tractor. I looked for a year, climbing up into the cabs of tractors of all sizes. All were intimidating and too big. It was kind of like the Goldie Locks story: this one was too small, this one was too big, but the YT359C was just perfect. It fit like a glove. I knew that I could use it with no problem, and the price was right, too! I’ve used it to move dirt piles, manure, trees, for mowing, pulling up old fences and plowing. I also love the hay bailing package! It is so easy to operate and maintain. I named my tractor, “Bulldog” after the Georgia Bulldogs. I would recommend purchasing a YANMAR tractor, YES, I WOULD!

Sincerely Happy Customer,

Diana Burns

DT Ranch



“We started our small ranch in Oklahoma, and as we began caring for more and more animals, we needed the freedom to work the land, at the best times, to provide for them. We added the YANMAR YT235C to give us the flexibility to work together in the pastures during hay operations and other field-work. Having the YT235C cab lets us work in all conditions while remaining comfortable and safe. YANMAR tractors are the most functional and all-around best value tractors for small to mid-sized operations. They are designed for the owner that wants the freedom to work, when the work is ready.


Todd Burns

DT Ranch

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