News Release

Sustainability Superheroes

December 20, 2019
YANMAR America

YANMAR EVO//Center leadership and staff recently worked with local school, McCall Primary School, to develop and host an all-new “Sustainability Superheroes” educational series. The series gives kids an opportunity to learn about sustainability, eco-conscious agriculture, and energy conservation, in a fun and exciting way.

Throughout the life of the program, the full student body of over 350-students were welcomed to the EVO//Center to participate in the event. Because of this series, and past field trips, McCall has chosen “Empowering Sustainability” as 2020’s overarching school theme.

“We are very proud of all that we get to do for our partners in education and were excited to hear about McCall taking on sustainability as their theme for the school year,” said Jared Adams, EVO//Center Marketing Manager. “With so much time given to phones, TV, and tablets these days, it’s nice to be able to get these kids on some real-life equipment and see their eyes light up!”

The Sustainability Superheroes series includes multiple presentations and break-out sessions. The “Compost Stew” activity teaches students about the importance of composting. The events continue with the “Wacky Worms” program, where students are introduced to the earthworm’s place in natural soil preparation, and the “Farmer Talk” demonstration which encourages the students to engage with agricultural equipment through hands-on displays. Multiple other activities are held, and by the end of the day the students head home with a small planted pumpkin seed and instructions regarding how to encourage its growth.

The EVO//Center also assisted McCall Primary School in the development of their school flower garden, by donating a truck-load of river stones for landscaping and assisting the students with the garden design and flower planting. Some more initiatives included sponsoring STEM (the study of science, technology, engineering and math) Night, Touch-A-Tractor Events, and more.

Moving forward into 2020, the EVO//Center is excited to continue to inspire students with new and innovative educational programs, as well as launching its larger-scoped educational initiative in the spring of 2020, titled “Project Sustainability.”

“Most children today do not understand their food sources, nor clothing origins,” said Tim Miller, Sr. Manager of Learning and Development. “They simply know these come from a store. The EVO//Center programs teach the children to understand the beginnings of sustainability and give them a vision of how they may make a difference. What a great encouragement that McCall Primary School has adopted these visions into their theme for the year. Sustainability at its best!”

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