Light Towers Powered by YANMAR

February 13, 2020
YANMAR America

YANMAR America partnered with Allmand Bros., Inc. at the 2020 ARA show in Orlando, Fla. to launch Allmand’s new Night-Lite™ GR-Series Light Towers, which are offered with optional YANMAR, air-cooled, heavy-duty diesel engines.

“We are excited to power Allmand’s new light tower release with our air-cooled diesel engines,” said Jeff Holland, Industrial Engine Division Manager, YANMAR America. “By using air-cooled diesel technology, their customers will reduce required maintenance intervals, increase uptime, and lower their associated costs.” YANMAR’s air-cooled L70W engine is a compact diesel option that lowers the cost of ownership across the board. Extended oil drain intervals save time and money spent on maintenance. Lower fuel consumption allows for longer run times between fill-ups, which increases unit uptime. Their compact, light-weight, engine design ensures that customers can tow the unit with smaller vehicles and easily maneuver around the job site.

“This engine maintains YANMAR’s reputation for engine reliability, and durability –no matter what,” Holland said. “The ability to start reliably in a large range of temperatures and conditions allows for simple, easy, and hassle-free operation.”

The L70W is able to operate in extreme weather conditions – from -6 degrees Fahrenheit to 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This promotes extended equipment reliability when used in a GR-Series Allmand Light Tower.

“The new, compact, GR-Series Light Towers offer customers the flexibility of several powertrain options, including air-cooled diesel, gasoline, or a towable chain unit, and further expands our portfolio of leading job site and special event lighting solutions,” said Joan Westwater, Product Manager Job Site, Allmand. Allmand Bros., Inc., is a subsidiary of Briggs & Stratton Corporation and a manufacturer of high-performance portable job site equipment. Their new product, Night-Lite™ GR-Series Light Towers, featuring optional YANMAR L70W air-cooled engines was displayed at ARA 2020.

“We look forward to the future of our partnership with Allmand,” said Holland. “And we are excited to continue to provide a reliable, durable, lightweight diesel engine option to power their job site products and support their customers.”

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