Weight 155 kg

Rice Huller
Now Yanmar proudly present our new compact and advance Rice Hulling machine with 6″ Rubber Roll. As Yanmar product, This machine will produce a good and clean brown rice.

Country of Sale

  • Indonesia


  • 3 (Three) Month

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HW 60 AN

Rice Hulling process
Rice Huller HW 60 series, used to process paddy grain into brown rice


Hulling head full gear system

Hulling head full gear system
With hulling head full gear system, will make the head more durable and will deliver good performance to the 6″ Rubber Roll

Hulling head air circulation system

Air circulation system
The big air suction and blower will make the good air circulation to divide grain and straw and also to help the Rubber Roll endurance


Folded connection
The winnower use the folded connection system to improve the strength of it construction

Desain Hulling Head cover

Hulling head cover Design
The hulling head cover design allows Rubber roll replacement to be done easily and quickly.


Models HW 60 AN
Dimension Length [mm] 1380
Width [mm] 840
Height [mm] 1580
Weigth (with out engine) [kg] 155
Engine Diesel [hp] 7.0 - 8.5
Motor [kW] 6 - 7
Main shaft rotation speed [rpm] 1100 - 1200
Rice milling capacity [kg/jam] 1000 - 1200
Rubber Roll Size [mm (inch)] 152.4 × 222.25 (6 × 8.75)