Laser Cladding

Enhances the life cycle value, save cost and time, We provide best solution in components reconditioning using leading-edge laser cladding technology.

Principle of Laser Cladding Technology

Laser Cladding uses a Powerful Laser beam which melts and consolidates the Metallic Powder, Shielded with Argon Gas, to be deposited to the deteriorated area.

Piston - Ring Groove Reconditioning -

Heavily worn out piston ring groove can be restored to its original standard size. It extends the useful life of the component & saves on maintenance cost.

Various Types of Shafts

Damage / worn out shaft’s surface can be returned to its original dimension with improved material.

Service Details

Current application of laser cladding to various types of components.
We continuously develop other applications to meet our customers' need.

Laser cladding can recondition different type of base material using a variety of filler metallic powder.

Customer's Benefits from Laser Cladding Processing

Laser Cladding reconditioning enhances;
(Q) Life cycle value thru excellent quality
(C) More savings on maintenance cost
(T) Faster delivery time

Q > Quality

  • Strong bonding to the base material (Eliminate peel off)
  • Multiple cladding layers for heavy worn out component
  • Negligible thermal distortion
  • Environmentally Friendly Process
  • Enhance the Corrosion Resistance
  • GL-DNV certified the laser cladding process
  • 6 months warranty on laser cladded area

C > Costs

  • 70%-40% Savings compared to brand-new parts.

T > Delivery Times

  • Delivery within 5-7 working days.

Sales Performance

  • Laser cladding process was developed in Germany & starts to commercialize since 2007.
  • In 2010, Services have been expanded in Singapore.
  • Laser cladding Japan(LCJ) was established in April 2015.
  • Approximately, 5,000 pistons and other industrial parts were reconditioned as of March 2016.

We are well experience in handling different Laser Cladding applications. For enquiries on component reconditioning, please feel free to contact us.


Our worldwide service network located in Germany,Singapore & Japan, We promptly respond to our customers need with excellent quality and services.

Inquiries about Laser Cladding

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